Landy just doesn't get it

May 23, 2001

Letters to Editor [[email protected]]
Toronto Globe and Mail

Dear Editor:

I was not at all surprised, when I turned to the Globe's letters section [Telegdi just doesn't get it, Globe and Mail, May 23, 2001] to once again find a spokesman for the Holocaust Industry demonizing Andrew Telegdi for daring to challenge the unacceptable denaturalization and deportation policy of the federal government.

After quoting a selected portion of Mr. Telegdi's reasonable explanation, Mr. Landy goes on to repeat the Six Million mantra. May I suggest that instead of dwelling on selected atrocities of the distant past, he turn his attention to the present situation in Israel. Allow me to edit his last paragraph to read as follows:

Mr. Landy, "what Ariel Sharon is doing" when he wants to "revoke" citizenship is to murder people. In fact, he wants to "revoke" the citizenship of Palestinians no matter what they do, and is succeeding by arresting, torturing, maiming and murdering innocent men, women and children.

Will Zuzak
Edmonton, AB