B’nai Brith Canada Calls on Federal Government to Throw out Nazi War Criminals

For Immediate Release

Toronto, September 20, 2002 — B’nai Brith Canada expresses grave concern over announcements that Denis Coderre, Federal Immigration Minister, is seeking to review Canada’s policy of deporting elderly Nazi war criminals. B’nai Brith Canada, which has called on the government over many years to prosecute war criminals living in our midst, continues to call now on the government to act without delay.

Rochelle Wilner, National President of B’nai Brith Canada stated: “The Minister’s call for review and the inherent delay betrays the trust put in the justice system by all citizens. There seems to be a worldwide trend to sympathize with the wrongdoer rather than the victim, as seen recently in France where a convicted elderly Nazi collaborator was released on health concerns. Let us remember that Nazi war criminals and their collaborators did not show any concern for the health and welfare of their elderly victims. We call on the government to remember their prior promises to bring the perpetrators of war crimes to justice.”

Frank Dimant, Executive Vice President stated: “The suggestion by senior officials of the Canadian Immigration Department that the review will focus on whether Nazi war criminals should be stripped of their citizenship without deportation is preposterous. Convicted mass murderers should not be entitled to continue to reside in comfort in Canada. The suggestion that prosecuting war criminals, regardless of their age, is a waste of taxpayers’ money is an affront to the judicial system our government is bound to uphold.”


For further information contact:
Rochelle Wilner at (416) 254-1010 or
Frank Dimant at (416) 802-1057