Forced Deportation after WWII

To: Peter Warren Talk Show [ [email protected] ]
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002

I am the son of Ukrainian immigrants who came to Canada out of the DP camps after the second world war.

Canada was my parent's first choice as a destination to start a new life.

Canadians and particularly Canadian and British military personnel were the first to help stop forced deportation of Ukrainians and Russians back to the USSR as the allied powers had agreed amongst themselves at the Yalta Conference of 1943.

There were over 2 million stateless Eastern Europeans forcefully returned to the USSR by the Allied forces occupying Post War Europe. Take a trip to Lienz Austria where the forceful repatriation started on June 5, 1945 and see the mass grave of people killed as they ran away from British troops..

Perhaps the question should not be, Did Mr. Odynsky lie to Canadian Immigration Officials?

The real question should be. Did overworked Canadian Immigration officials stop asking questions beyond health and education because they were ashamed of Canada's participation with the US and England in this Post War war crime against defenseless people?

Perhaps it is Canada and not Mr. Odynsky who should be on trial for war crimes.

Alex Stachowsky
Toronto, Ontario