By Albert Burns
October 26, 2001

In the last column, we discussed how virtually all of Eastern Europe was allowed to remain under the dictatorship of the Soviet Union and how between 2 and 5 million refugees from Communism were rounded up and sent back to Russia as part of "Operation Keelhaul." In Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's book, "The Gulag Archipelago" he recounts the disbelief of those, like himself, already in the slave labor camps that the United States would be sending all those people back to Russia and certain death.

All during the Second World War, the leader of the Yugoslavian guerilla Chetniks, Draza Mihailovich had valiantly fought the Germans on the side of the United States, Britain and France. He would have been the natural leader of Yugoslavia at the end of the war. Instead, our State Department backed a known Communist, Josip Broz Tito, and got him installed as the dictator in Yugoslavia. The German armies in Yugoslavia at the end of the war, pleaded to be allowed to surrender to Mihailovich or United States forces. Instead, they were forced to surrender to Tito's units who disarmed them, and then shipped all of the Germans off to Russia where they, too, ended up in the slave labor camps.

And what of the end of the war in the Far East? All through the war, our "ally" Russia had maintained a non-aggression stance with Japan. Shortly after the Yalta conference, former Ambassador to Japan, Joseph C. Grew, learned of a secret agreement between Roosevelt and Stalin (without the knowledge of Churchill) for Russia to declare war on Japan JUST BEFORE the war ended. Grew wrote an official memorandum protesting that agreement. In it he predicted:

Mongolia, Manchuria, and Korea will gradually slip into Russia's orbit, to be followed in due course by China and eventually Japan.

SEVEN DAYS before the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan, Russia DECLARED WAR on Japan. Russia never had any MILITARY engagement against Japan, but for those seven glorious non-combatant DAYS of "declared war" against Japan, Russia was given control of the Southern Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands, which she occupied in August, 1945, thus providing a staging ground for a possible future invasion of Japan.

In October, 1945 Stalin's forces set up their "People's Republic" in Mongolia. Japan had been building heavy industrial factories in Mongolia. As soon as the Communists took over, these factories were dismantled and shipped to Russia, exactly as was done in Eastern Europe later. Not only were the machines shipped to Russia, but ALL of the workers of the factories were rounded up and sent to Russia as well. In January, 1946, the Communists proclaimed their "People's Republic" in Albania. July, 1946, Tito completed his seizure of Yugoslavia by the public shooting of Mihailovich. In November, 1946 Stalin's men took over Rumania and Bulgaria. In February, 1948 the Communists formally placed Czechoslovakia behind the Iron Curtain. May, 1948 saw the establishment of the "People's Republic of North Korea." In October, 1948 Stalin's moles took over Manchuria.

During most of this time, Chiang Kai-shek had been fighting against the Communist forces of Mao Tse Tung and Chou En-lai. Our ally and faithful supporter Chiang was betrayed by our State Department who supported Mao and his Communist forces. General George C. Marshall bragged about having "disarmed seven divisions of Chiang's army by the stroke of a pen." What he had done was place an arms and aid embargo against Chiang's forces so that they could not even receive weapons which they had already bought and PAID FOR. Chiang had planes and tanks -- but no gasoline. He had weapons -- but no ammunition. Meanwhile Mao was being supplied by Russia. Finally, by January, 1950 Mao had forced Chiang out of China to Formosa and had completed the Communist conquest of China. A short time later, in May, 1951 the Chinese Communists seized Tibet.

Throughout all of this period of Communist conquest the means of acquisition had NOT been military conquest, with the exception of China and Tibet, but rather INTERNAL SUBVERSION by Communist agents insinuated into the various governments for that precise purpose.. There was one other constant, dependable factor in the whole sorry history the continuing moral and financial support of the United States government, cleverly disguised and hidden from the American people by the mass media in this country.

Ridiculous, you say? Tragically, not so! In future columns we will examine just how consistent and extensive that support has been, EVEN when we were engaged in actual military conflict against Communist forces and our own SONS, BROTHERS AND FATHERS were being killed.