Date: Wed, 09 May 2001 21:58:38 -0000
From: "morag thompson"
To: [email protected]


Dear Mr. McNally,
I read in the HANSARD that you said Mr. Oberlander was a war criminal and you demanded that he be deported without as much as a defense.

ALLIANCE Member McNally, the Court stated very clearly that Mr. Oberlander was no war criminal, that he did not lie, but merely that there was no record of his having been a lowly interpreter at some camp 50 or 60 years ago!

I am so tired of seeing ALLIANCE members making fools of themselves! DO YOUR RESEARCH, MAN! Get off your collective lazy bums and find the facts before you blurt and bluster like blathering drunkards. You make Westerners look like ignorant fools when we want you to portray them as strong, honest and courageous men and women, proud to believe in truth, independence and the unswerving defense and conservation of our traditional values. It hurts me deeply every time you reinforce the image of ignorant mountain yahoos bobbing up and down like decomposing sucklings with their thumbs in their bums and their minds in neutral, or worse, trying hard to do the bidding of some powerful minority interest group or other and looking like they bribed you handsomely. Nobody is fooled, Mr. McNally! We recognize parliamentarians with integrity, pride, and undaunted inner fortitude --- and we see the bum-boys for exactly what they are.

Now to the insistence of the Canadian Jewish Congress that old people who have lived good and worthy lives here for decades be deported nilly-willy, on some drummed up charge or other, just because they say so! I certainly agree - as you should, too! - that it should be "grossly offensive" for the Canadian Jewish Congress to petition the Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Chretien, to censor a Canadian MP (Andrew Telegdi) for comparing the ruthless deportation of Canadian citizens to the practices of totalitarian regimes - just to obey some horrible control freaks, who consider it their right to demand that Government oblige them. It is "grossly offensive" for any Canadian to have a selfish and uncaring minority demand that its citizens' citizenship be taken away without any appeal. A crime should be proven beyond a shadow of any doubt to merit such a punishment. It makes a mockery of our nation's true citizens.

I am neither Jew nor German, but I wholeheartedly agree with the German Congress' response. I have also just read Peter Newman's biography of the founders of the Canadian Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress, and I am appalled how the Bronfman family has used and abused, and treated our nation and our country - and particularly the innocent West - like a whore to achieve their selfish and corrupt goals (they completely ignored our laws, circumvented the payment of millions of dollars in taxes as a matter of perceived right and course, evidently killed even other family members who stood in their way, bought politicians regularly with secret donations for which they demanded receipts! and much worse). The cavalier attitude shown by Messrs. Adler and Farber of the Jewish Congress toward us Canadians is intolerable and nothing short of disrespectful and infuriating. I understand that this very week, a Mr. Singer from the World Jewish Congress in New York saw fit to come and speak to Canadian Jews, inciting them to treason and to working against Canada's interests in the Middle East and blindly support Israel, their "real country". I think Mr. Singer should be barred from ever re-entering this country. I don't believe the majority of Jews in Canada would agree with him, but am appalled to read that he received a standing ovation from those who were there; the very action Mr. Singer has taken makes him a persona non grata here.

I have also traveled to Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank recently and came home absolutely appalled at seeing the conditions of the Palestinians, living in Israel; they cannot live where they please, nor in areas or buildings that are increasingly declared "for Jews only". I had visited the holocaust museum in Jerusalem first before going to Gaza and was once again very moved and full of pity when I saw the photographs of the Jews in their concentration camps sixty years ago. However, my sympathy quickly vanished when I stood in a room without windows, in a high-rise full of such rooms, where 16 people lived - Palestinians all, and the mother of this extended family told me that she had waited for 43 years there to go home to her farm South of Jerusalem, whence they were expelled at gunpoint by Israeli soldiers. Even when she applied to just visit, or just leave Gaza for a little while, her permit was always refused. I heard and saw countless such cases and it shook me, as a Canadian, in my boots to see that living conditions far worse than those I saw in the pictures in Jerusalem were imposed on these innocent people, who simply were/are in the way, by the very children of the faces in the photographs in Jerusalem. This is not fair in any sense of the word, by any standards, and certainly not by our Canadian standards.

Reading this very morning in the paper that our Mr. Day is supporting nilly-willy the barbaric violence against these poor victimized Palestinians shows that he is either misinformed, or does not understand the situation, or that he is bought by people like the Bronfmans. NO TRUE CANADIAN CAN SEE AND NOT BE APPALLED. It behooves us all to appeal to our regular Jewish compatriots, not to support such inhuman behavior, and it behooves us to check every Israeli who comes to this country for war crimes he committed not sixty years ago, but yesterday. It behooves Mrs. Caplan, our Jewish Immigration Minister, to support the Israeli Women for Peace movement, NOT a war criminal like Mr. Sharon, the man in charge, and hence responsible for, the Shatila massacre - and other horrible deeds.

Get to it, Mr. McNally! Thank you.

Morag Thompson