June 26, 2002

The Right Hon. Jean Chretien, P.C., MP
Prime Minister's Office
80 Wellington Street,
2nd Floor,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A2

Dear Sir:

Re: The latest, Denaturalization & Deportation Canadian law, is being applied to vulnerable, non criminal Canadian citizens, who have resided in this country for more than 50 years and now are accused of questionable allegations. Who will we hold accountable for these actions?

Attached copies indicate our concerns. It is getting to the point that we can no longer depend on our media to provide us with relevant information. Important decisions are not being made based on accurate information as we have learned, trying to get signatures for a D & D Petition. Most people we approached they knew nothing about this issue. Secondly, they did not believe old citizens would ever lose their citizenship and be deported. Thirdly, some even said they saw the Holocaust and these people deserve to be deported. It is doubtful Oberlander or Odynsky would ever get a fair trial after being inundated with the unbalanced media coverage, which seems to appear every time "war criminals" was mentioned. At one time, CBC showed Mr. Oberlander trying to escape from the media. His business, his home address and even his car license were shown on television. Mr. Odynsky's daughter, recently, pleaded for her elderly sick father. She said, he had depleted all his life's savings to defend himself. She asked people to write to their Members of Parliament about this matter. We want you to know that we disagree with what our government is doing to these people. It appears to us, that our government has selected certain people only to be persecuted. We should not have vengeful people in government to make laws, hunt and even be harassed unjustly. We believe that what has been done to Odynsky & Oberlander is a crime against humanity. We believe our Federal Government and the Ministers will have to be made accountable in this involvement.

Oberlander/Odynsky case is an experiment, which should not become a precedent. People who have lived in this country for half a century certainly deserve to have their "due process". We advised our Members of Parliament, the "Special Cabinet Committee Council" and others, of our great concerns about this matter. Assumed definitions such as, "war crimes", "Nazis", "collaboration", "lied", and "war criminals", need not only be clarified but also who exactly does it apply to in this modern day in Canada? Our tax dollars are being spent in government departments who are intent on destroying good Canadian families without justification. We plead to you, Mr. Prime Minister, head of our government, to look into this matter with total seriousness. Oberlander & Odynsky face the ultimate punishment without trial and without an appeal in this country, Canada.

Respectfully yours,

O. Schulz, Family & Friends
Edmonton, Alberta