June 24, 2002

Government of Canada
Members of Parliament of Canada
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. [MP]:

Enclosed is my copy of a letter which was faxed to our local newspaper, The Edmonton Sun to be printed in "letters to the editor." In the past, my letters of concern have not been printed by another newspaper Edmonton Journal, so we try again ....

I was shocked and horrified to think that our government continues to hound and harass sickly old men who were soldiers in another country over 50 years ago while overlooking recent or present atrocities. Worse yet, aliens in this country, who are murderers, rapists, drug traffickers, and pedophiles and destroying our families seems not to be a priority to our Immigration Minister and the Justice Department. To make laws to counter the lawlessness seems like it will never come, yet, these criminal aliens have our government providing them with all their needs with services at our expense. People like Odynsky and Oberlander cannot get their due process. they must defend themselves against our government with all their hard earned retirement money until it is all gone.

Something is terribly wrong and someone must be held accountable for this injustice. Please do not forward my letter to Ms. Caplan to answer. My husband served in the Korean War, do you think he should be dragged through the mud 50 years later? Are the Governments not responsible for training soldiers to do the things they do? Why are they not held responsible? We know soldiers do certain things during the war that they would never do during peacetime or normal times.

Why is the government not accountable for the suffering of our soldiers? When they come home their families try to survive when ill prepared for the unknown and the unusual. How much time and money is our government supposed to spend to search, hunt and harass old men of a long ago war? I am a Canadian wife of a Canadian veteran. My family and I have been forsaken by our Federal Government/National Defence a long time ago. And we will want to know how and what our government continues to do in the days ahead.

(Mrs.) Ollie Schulz
Edmonton, Alberta

List of names: 10 MP's & 1 Senator in Cabinet Special Committee of Council, Diane Ablonczy, Madeleine Dalthond-Guiral, Inky Mark, Judy Wasylycia-Leis, German Canadian Congress, P. Goldring, A. Telegdi.