Alberta Branch

June 17, 2002

Dear Members of Cabinet Special Committee of Council
Considering the case of Wasyl Odynsky:

This letter concerns a recommendation from the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration relating to Mr. Wasyl Odynsky of Toronto.

Our organization, founded in 1927, has well over 700 members in Alberta. Each and every one of us opposes any measure that would strip Mr. Odynsky of his Canadian citizenship status.

Our understanding is that the denaturalization and deportation process is being used as the mechanism to ensure that Canada "is not a safe haven for war criminals." However, having read the decision of the Judge who heard the case, I can find no indication of any war criminality of Mr. Odynsky's part that he would have been obligated to reveal to immigration authorities upon his entry into Canada. In fact, the Judge found just the opposite.

When we consider the entire denaturalization and deportation process, we cannot help concluding that it bears the appearance of a vendetta of sorts, urged upon your government by those possibly intent on hiding something or other.

Mr. Odynsky is innocent of wrongdoing. Please accord him and his family the civility that Canada's justice system guarantees its citizens.

Yours sincerely,

Oksana Ensslen
Provincial President