St. John's Senior CYMK

10611 - 110 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5H 1H7

June 16, 2002

To: Federal Government Special Committee of Council (via Fax)

It was with disgust and revulsion that our members learned that the Hon. D. Coderre was recommending to you that Mr. Wasyl Odynsky's citizenship be revoked, over 50 years after he came to Canada.

A close examination of the process that led to this recommendation - being denaturalization and deportation - illustrates how unfair and draconian it is. At the root of the "case" against Mr. Odynsky is the contention that he gained his citizenship by deceit, falsehood or by making material misrepresentations. It is alleged that this took the form of not answering truthfully about his war time service. That was a service found by the court to have been involuntary. Which brings us to the judgment of the Supreme Court of Canada in R. v. Finta, [1994] 1 S.C.R. 701:

"Even if it could be established that the order [in the case of a person directed to guard a concentration camp] was manifestly illegal and that the subordinate was aware of the illegality, the person may be compelled to obey either because of natural causes placing the individual in a condition of danger or because of pressure which is brought to bear on him by another person."

Considering the accused in the above case was acquitted of wrongful acts by Canada's highest court, we now know why denaturalization and deportation is being utilized. And that explains our disgust and revulsion.

If you have one iota of moral fibre in you, do the honest thing and reject the Minister's recommendation, along with the urgings of the lobby that has led you to bring the administration of justice in this country to dishonor and shame.

Yours truly,

Andrew Harasymiw