Edmonton CYMK Choir

14255 - 25 St. Edmonton, Alberta T5Y 1G4

June 16, 2002

To the members of the Federal Cabinet
Special Committee of Council
Ottawa, Ont.
K1A 0A6

Sent by fax

We are very much opposed to the government taking any action that would result in Wasyl Odynsky's citizenship being taken from him. We are equally opposed to him being deported to unknown destinations.

The cause of Mr. Odynsky's troubles stems from the use of denaturalization and deportation as a means of getting around the impossible task of proving his guilt on war crimes charges, fair and square. Instead, this policy relies on guilt by association-a concept not only odious, but totally foreign to Canada's principles of justice.

It is our belief that the government has denied Mr. Odnysky due process, and that is unacceptable.

Leave Mr. Odynsky alone, and compensate him for the unconscionable persecution that your policy has forced him to endure.

With great concern,

Damein Zakordonski
Past President