Deport Oberlander

Kitchener-Waterloo Record | Saturday May 19, 2001
Shawn Sinclair

Regarding the Helmut Oberlander issue, we take too lightly his role, and do not remember the six million Jews who died.

I find it appalling that anyone would support him staying in this country if they knew about the Einsatzgruppen. Oberlander was part of the Einsatzkommando, which was a unit of the Einsatzgruppen; the most notorious of Hitler's mobile killing units.

The book, The Holocaust Chronicle, states that 1.3 million Jews (nearly a quarter of all the Jews who died during the Holocaust) were killed by the 3,000 men who were organized into the four Einsatzgruppen. We need to have a sense of duty to the 1.3 million Jews who were massacred by the Einsatzgruppen and send any member of this group a strong message that we will not tolerate his presence on Canadian soil. Deport him.

Shawn Sinclair

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