National Post | June 2, 2003 | Myroslaw Prytulak

Ukrainian Untermenschen

Letters to the Editor
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Dear Editor:

Although, unlike the University of Waterloo student, Ron Podolny,(National Post letter, May 23, 2003) I have never read Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf, and consequently don't know why this Nazi "bible" doesn't list Ukrainians as qualified candidates for the gas chambers - I do know, however, that during World War Two at least 8.0 million Ukrainians perished outside the gas chambers.

No other country in the entire world (including even the Third Reich and Russia!) lost more of its citizens (20% of population) during this period than Ukraine. Out of some 5.0 million brave Ukrainian soldiers - led by their 350 legendary generals, marshals and admirals - fighting the Nazis, 2.5 million were killed in action. Ukrainian fierce soldiers liberated Auschwitz, and were the first who entered Berlin as its conquerors. The search party that discovered Hitler's corpse in his bunker was led by Ukrainian lieutenant general Klimenko...

The only reason, it seems to me, for the exclusion of Ukrainians from Mein Kampf and the gas chambers was perhaps the fact, that insane as the madman Hitler was, he probably was sane enough to realize that even the Herrenvolk weren't capable of constructing enough gas chambers to exterminate all the Untermenschen - some 200,000,000 of them! Besides, it's not a secret that "der Fuehrer" was not only interested in corpses, but also in slave labourers.

Suggesting, therefore, as student Podolny does, that somehow Hitler spared Ukrainians from the gas chambers because of his sentimental or humanitarian disposition towards them, is downright grotesque.

It is also rather ridiculous to assume, as this student does, that Ukrainians are trying to divert the attention from, or are deliberately hiding, their co-operation with Nazis.

Let me reassure this potential cum laude graduate, that Ukrainians not only don't hide anything, they simply have absolutely nothing to hide.

Actually, the only true villains who are hiding from everybody everything concerning the Ukrainian Nazi involvements, are the vociferous unlicenced "Nazi-hunters". One would think that these vociferous "justice-seekers", after some 50 years of their perpetual vociferous whines on the pages of the agenda-oriented media, would regain their consciousness and finally realize that the secrets that they, and they alone are privy to, concerning Ukrainian Nazi involvements, ought to be in the hands of our highly-regarded and precious Canadian Courts of Law, and not in the hands of the promoters of their mysterious agendas - the media.

That's how truth and justice are normally determined in all democracies!


Myroslaw Prytulak
Windsor, Ontario