Grossly Misleading and Downright Contemptuous

September 22, 2002

Letters to Editor
National Post
300-1450 Don Mills Road
Don Mills, Ontario M3B 3R5

Dear Editor:

I was downright abhorred to learn (Ottawa May End Effort to Expel Nazis, National Post, September 20, 2002) that Canada's Immigration Minister, Denis Coderre, is contemplating to halt the deportation of all NAZI WAR CRIMINALS! (Are you sure of this !?)

I was also depressingly stunned to discover that the executive vice-president of B'nai Brith Canada, Frank Dimant, appears to be interested in the deportation of MASS MURDERERS only!

And, finally, I was greatly perturbed and puzzled by the sensationalistic headline adorning your paper's somewhat lengthy distortion, bluntly proclaiming that Ottawa May End Effort To Expel NAZIS!

Rest assured, sir, that neither Ottawa nor the brave and wise Immigration Minister are ending anything; they are merely in the process of questioning, finally (!), the sanity of the deportation of the innocent and exemplary elderly Canadians (such as Wasyl Odynsky and Helmut Oberlander), who, according to Judge Andrew MacKay's findings, have never been either NAZI, or war CRIMINALS, or mass MURDERERS.

So, instead of hallucinating on the pages of your paper, as the author of the concoction in question and the vice-president of B'nai Brith so expertly do, perhaps they ought to read Judge Andrew MacKay's 103-page-long decision regarding some of the "Nazi war criminals" currently scheduled for deportation from Canada, and then tell all they know about it, eh?

Perpetually insisting, as the National Post so arrogantly does, that somehow all our democratically-elected Governments, during past 50 or so years, were the protectors and defenders of legions of NAZI WAR CRIMINALS is rather preposterous, grossly misleading and downright contemptuous of everything Canadians stand and live for!

Myroslaw Prytulak
Windsor, Ontario