Hate-Mongers: Rambam and Lallier

June 1, 2001

The Right Hon. Jean Chretien
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

According to The Canadian Jewish News of May 31, 2001 (Nazi Hunter Blasts Government, Community for Inaction), the self-appointed American Nazi-hunter Steven Rambam and the confirmed Canadian ex-Nazi Adalbert Lallier (who was the subject of my 3, as yet unanswered, e-letters to you) have established a mobile hate-dissemination generator.

So far, Rosemont`s Vincent Massey Collegiate was their fist stop. There, the ex-Nazi and the Nazi-hunter have taken turns justifying and defending their own actions, and attacking and degrading your government`s "inactions".

Thus, the confirmed ex-Nazi Lallier told the students of this collegiate that (and I didn`t realize that Lallier was affected with the guilty-conscience disorder) "It`s totally false that I took some sort of pre-emptive strike by finding somebody else to accuse." "I decided", he asserted, "that on behalf of humanity my highest allegiance is to the process of natural justice, not to Hitler."

So... It seems, that the late Hitler is finally (!) losing Lallier... After more than 50 years of Lallier`s agony and indecisiveness... What an incredible human sacrifice!!!

To boot, Lallier`s "sudden outburst of humanity" wasn`t, as it turns out, as spontaneous as one would normally anticipate. Actually, it revealed itself only after his friendly chit-chat with the Nazi-hunter Steven Rambam concerning his (i.e. Lallier`s) indispensable appearance at the trial in Germany of his former comrade-in-arms SS-lieutenant Julius Viel.

These downright obscene diatribes (all of them too absurd to be taken seriously) propagandized by these two hate-mongers, apparently, didn`t disturb the students of the Vincent Massey Collegiate. And judging by the quantity of the space allotted to them by The Canadian Jewish News periodical, it looks like it is insinuating that the American Nazi-hunter Rambam ought to be in charge of the Canadian Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration if we are seriously contemplating transforming our country into a true haven for all.

Nonetheless, I do hope, sir, that you and your government will be appalled, as I already am, by the activities of these two extremely dangerous quacks. Hopefully, your government and you will also muster enough courage to smash you political correctness and finally stop this convicted American felon who likes to call himself Nazi-hunter, and his seemingly-exempt-from-all-the-investigations-and-prosecutions Canadian stooge, the ex-Nazi accessory to seven murders, indoctrinating our high school students with hate of their fellow-Canadians and the contempt of the Canadian government.

Sincerely yours,

Myroslaw Prytulak

P.S. Copies of this letter are also being e-mailed to hundreds of other concerned parties