Are Ukrainians Untermenschen?

May 23, 2001

Letters to the Editor [[email protected]]
The Globe and Mail
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Editor:

The Globe and Mail of May 23, 2001 suggests in the headline of the letter to the editor that TELEGDI JUST DOESN'T GET IT.

May I remind the author of this letter, the National President of the Canadian Jewish Congress, Keith M. Landy, that during WW2 Hitler not only "revoked" the citizenship of Jews and them alone.

As a matter of fact, Hitler together with his accomplice Joseph Stalin also "revoked" the citizenships of, and killed 7.5 million inhabitants of Ukraine.

Is Mr. Landy perhaps under the illusion that Ukrainians, as Hitler insisted, are still 'untermenschen' (subhumans) and thus unworthy of his attention?

Sincerely yours,
Myroslaw Prytulak