Nothing but Politics!

May 4, 2001

Letters to the Editor
The Globe and Mail
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Editor:

In the article CAPLAN WILL SEEK TO EXPEL EX-NAZI SOLDIER (The Globe, May 3, 2001) you are quoting the president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, Moshe Ronan, stating that "We commend Ms. Caplan for doing the morally right thing. This isn't about politics, it's about justice" - referring here to her recommendation that Helmut Oberlander be deported.

If Moshe Ronan is truly after justice and morality as he proclaims he is, I am wondering why, instead of commending, he doesn't condemn Ms. Caplan for her silence about the war activities of Albert Lallier who was mentioned in your article EX-SS OFFICER GETS 12 YEARS (The Globe, April 4, 2001)?

And, according to this article, there should be no doubt in anyone's mind (forget the "balance of probabilities" conjecture!) that the retired professor Lallier, formerly an elite SS-officer-trainee and presently a Canadian citizen for life, was in 1945 an accessory to murders (a felony as grave as the murder itself, under some jurisdictions) of seven innocent Jews, and a cover-up conspirator of this horrible atrocity for more than 50 years.

Why any human being worthy of such a connotation, let alone the president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, would choose to remain ghastly silent about Lallier's war activities and instead ad nauseam fish for inane involvements of the likes of Oberlanders and Odynskys is beyond me!

But, patting Ms. Caplan on the shoulder for her indifference and silence concerning Albert Lallier's war activities, is downright emetic, and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with justice and morality anywhere in the universe, as Moshe Ronan wants us to believe. It is nothing but politics!

Myroslaw Prytulak
Windsor, Ontario