Prytulak response to Landy

From: "M. Prytulak"
To: [email protected]
CC: [email protected]
Subject: Fwd: Deportation of a Canadian citizen from Canada
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 13:14:04 -0000

April 11, 2001

Letters to the Editor
The Toronto Sun
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Editor:

In response to the hypocritical diatribe (LETTER OF THE DAY) concocted by the Chair of the Canadian Jewish Congress, Ontario Branch, that appeared on page 15 of The Toronto Sun of April 9, 2001, may I draw your attention to my (Myroslaw Prytulak, Windsor, Ontario) letter to the Hon. Elinor Caplan of April 7, 2001, below.

You may use it in any way you want. Thank you.

Myroslaw Prytulak

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From: "M. Prytulak"
To: [email protected]
CC: [email protected], [email protected]
Subject: Deportation of a Canadian citizen from Canada
Date: Sat, 07 Apr 2001 14:09:59 -0000

April 7, 2001

Hon. Elinor Caplan
Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
Ottawa, Ontario


In order to facilitate and expedite your potential response to my e-mailed missive to you of April 5, 2001, may I suggest that during your deliberations you keep in mind the following facts:

Regarding Canadian citizen WASYL ODYNSKY

That the Federal Court Justice Andrew MacKay in his 132-page finding, among other things, concluded:

1. That there is no evidence "that Mr. Odynsky participated personally in any incident involving mistreatment of prisoners or of any other person during his service."

2. That "there is no doubt that Mr. Odynsky`s service was not voluntary", and

3. That "on the balance of probabilities," it is "more probable than not that Mr.Odynsky did not truthfully answer questions that were put to him concerning his wartime experience." (And for this single "war crime" he could be banished for life from his adopted Homeland of 50 years and all his precious Canadian descendants? Dreadfully vicious, indeed!)

Regarding Canadian citizen ADALBERT LALLIER

According to newspaper reports (National Post and The Globe and Mail, both of April 4, 2001) there is no doubt (forget "the balance of probabilities" conjectures!):

1. That during WW2 the elite SS-officer-trainee Lallier was groomed for a high position in the Nazi hierarchy, posed to enslave the entire world and annihilate all the "undesirables".

2. That he was an accessory in 1945 to 7 brutal murders of defenseless concentration camp prisoners (a felony, by the way, punishable in some countries by 7 concurrent life sentences!), but told no one about it for more than 50 years.

3. That "he admitted his Nazi past to authorities when he emigrated", but was welcomed to Canada anyway. (Is that why some suggest that Canada is a haven for war criminals?)

Looking at these two cases, one cannot help wondering why the Canadian citizen, Wasyl Odynsky, is facing the deportation from Canada, for probably (!) not telling an immigration officer that (1) he was not a Nazi and (2) that he did not commit any crimes; and, at the same time allowing another Canadian citizen, Adalbert Lallier, to stay in Canada, for exactly the opposite reasons, namely, for letting another immigration officer know that (1) he was a Nazi, but (2) for not letting him (or anyone else for 50 years thereafter!) know that he was an accessory to 7 brutal murders. Downright incredible!

I am devastated and confused. Please help!

Myroslaw Prytulak