From: "M. Prytulak" [[email protected]]
To: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 14:39:14 -0000

Your Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

March 29, 2001

The Right Hon. Jean Chretien
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

Your Executive Correspondence Officer, Mr. L.A. Lavell, in his e-mailed communication of March 7, 2001, informed me that the concerns, which I brought to your attention recently, fell within the portfolio of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and therefore have been forwarded to her office. He also assured me that the Minister will give my views "every consideration".

I am sorry to say, that so far, I haven`t heard from the Minister, and consequently am wondering what has happened?

Did I, by any chance, hurt the Hon. Minister`s feelings by suggesting that the denaturalization and deportation (the so-called d/d) is a rather harsh and unusual way of punishing elderly Canadians for their alleged "crimes", which in addition, have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Canada? Just as it was dead wrong in the past to deprive the aboriginal Canadians of their rights or intern thousands of (Canadian-born and naturalized) Ukrainian Canadians and others during WW1 and the Japanese Canadians during WW2.

Indeed, it looks like Canada`s d/d (denaturalization/deportation) policy, at least in its outward appearance if not substance, is very similar to Hitler`s very own d/d of dehumanization and destruction practice. Thus, by the dehumanizing (arbitrarily decreeing that Ukrainians, ond other Estern Europeans are "untermenschen"-subhumans), he could, and did, "lawfully" destroy (7.5 million of inhabitants of Ukraine perished during WW2!) anyone he wanted to.

There is no doubt in my mind that for most of the decent elderly Canadians (and I don`t have any criminals in mind!) the possible denaturalization means dehumanization and the deportation means destruction-death.

I shall be extremely grateful to you, sir, for reminding your Minister that I am still awaiting an answer from her. Be careful, though, in your approach to her, for my understanding is that the Minister is inordinately temperamental, and possibly might ignore you again if your modus operandi displeases her.

Thank you kindly for your patience and efforts, sir.

Sincerely yours,

Myroslaw Prytulak
An extremely proud Canadian.