Subject: Response to A War Crime Is A War Crime
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 2002
From: Marta Olynyk [ [email protected] ]
To: [email protected]

Monsieur le Ministre:

As the headline of Professor Lubomyr Luciuk's article in the Montreal Gazette of 2 July 2002 unequivocally proclaims, a war crime is a war crime. For the sake of justice and historical accuracy, the hunt for alleged Nazi war criminals must be extended to include the hunt for Soviet and other Communist war criminals, who are living peacefully, unmolested by even the shadow of a possibility that their crimes will ever come to light. As a result of the creeping Marxism of many academics and journalists in the world, particularly the West, we have seen the emergence of the absurd formula whereby Nazi war crimes are considered to be more heinous than Communist war crimes. This absurdity has led to bizarre witchhunts in Canada and the U.S., aimed at extraditing even people who were compelled under threat of imminent death to serve the German war machine during WWII, like Mr. Wasyl Odynsky. The Canadian government should immediately cease the senseless persecution of this man who was clearly exonerated of any evildoing. If it does not, this means that a secret agenda is at work here, which is incompatible with the basic principles of justice of any civilized country.

Marta D. Olynyk
Montreal, QC