Your Stand on Helmut Oberlander

Subject: Your Stand Re: Helmut Oberlander et al
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 20:36:29 -0400
From: "Taras Oleksiw" [[email protected]]
To: [[email protected]]

Ms. Karen Redman, Liberal MP, Kitchener Centre.

Thank you so much for bringing clarity to the volatile Citizenship Issue. KW Record, Saturday 12 May 2001.

The flimsy and subjective nature of "Balance of Probabilities" seems to be not much more than a crap-shoot. That sort of treatment of citizens went out with Roman Legionaires rolling dice for the garments of those crucified and dying on a cross.

"Balance of Probabilities" -- as a nebulous basis for Governmental Edict, as grounds for anything as onerous as stripping of Citizenship, prior to deportation, with no recourse for appeal -- should be eliminated as quickly as possible. This whole contentious issue is in serious need of re-evaluation immediately. The capricious barbarity of this approach is akin to Capital Punishment, only worse. This has no trial, no presentation of evidence, no defence, nor cross examination, no right of appeal. No homeland. No death penalty -- just a living death in exile. This Sword of Damocles hangs over not only Mr. Oberlander, but over many other unfortunate Canadian citizens as well. Hardly an enlightened and just approach for our nation to take pride in.

On a lighter note: understandable that you might not recognize the name at the bottom of the page, for it has been a while. Just think of the Chalet on Fairway Road, in the early nineties. That short fat guy running the restaurant whenever you and your clan would pop in for dinner? That'd be me. Being a mere private citizen now, I feel that it's a little more acceptable for me to voice some of my thoughts and feelings, though coming from the upbringing , the history and the era which shaped me, I think that I am still sensitive about breaking that "secret ballot", keep-your-head-down, low-key approach.

Again, thank you for taking the stand you have. It is courageous. As well, it is sane and balanced, well thought through, and extremely well-presented.

The comments made by your colleague Mr. Janko Peric, Liberal MP, Cambridge, likewise are in the same vein, and are equally appreciated. Though issues continue to exist, in my mind, about my own MP Andrew Telegdi, and his presentation on this issue, the heart of the matter is that all three local Members have taken one unified and courageous stand on a crucial point.

It would be greatly appreciated if you were to forward a copy of my thoughts to Mr. Peric. Thanks.

Warm regards,

Taras J. Oleksiw
Waterloo, Ontario.