Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 11:21:03 -0400
From: [email protected]

Shame on you

Dear Sir,

At a time when a family friend is awaiting a similar decision as Mr. Oberlander, here in Ontario, I'm appalled to hear that a member of the official opposition, (whom I have much more confidence in than the existing ruling party), would be so uneducated about the issues of the Oberlander case, and even speak out in parliament to show this.

Justice Andrew MacKay ruled that there was no evidence that Oberlander committed war crimes. Only that he did not disclose that he was a interpreter with a Nazi death squad, during his immigration hearing. Again he was not found to commit war crimes. Therefore your labeling of Mr. Oberlander as a "Nazi war criminal" is libelous. Please learn from Mr. Day's actions in speaking out against the lawyer who had defended the pedophile in Alberta and had to remunerate that lawyer to the tune of $750,000.00.

Andrew Telegdi is one of the few truly noble Liberals who has the guts to stand up for a constituent in his riding. He knows the facts and has issues with the process. He, as I, do believe that war criminals should be tried and, if found guilty, sent to prison. Unfortunately Canada's immigration laws are flawed and don't allow an appeal process or even an initial proper trial process.

Please sir, get the facts straight. You may also want to read information on the Odynsky case. Mr. Odynsky was forcibly conscripted into the German auxiliary forces under SS control, after initially escaping the German forces. His other option was to be killed along with his family.

Mr. Odynsky was a guard at the perimeter (1/2 mile away) from the Poniatowa labour camp. He was also found by Justice MacKay never to be directly involved with prisoners or linked with wrongful or brutal behaviour. Still we await cabinet's vote on his deportation. This was a proud Canadian whose family the government of Canada has financially and mentally obliterated.

Shame on the Liberals. Now shame on you.

Alex M. Maksymec