Toronto Globe and Mail | May 23, 2001
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Telegdi just doesn't get it

By Keith M. Landy

Ottawa -- Imagine my surprise when I turned to The Globe's letters section (May 18, 2001) to once again find Andrew Telegdi attempting to explain how he did not compare Canada to Hitler's brutal Nazi regime.

In order to bolster his protestation that the Kitchener-Waterloo Record somehow confused readers with its headline, Mr. Telegdi takes the audacious step of repeating the phrase that got him in trouble in the first place. According to Mr. Telegdi's letter: ". . . under existing legislation, it is politicians rather than courts who would make decisions on the revocation of a person's citizenship. That, I told the reporter, is what Hitler used to do and what Stalin used to do."

Mr. Telegdi, "what Hitler used to do" when he wanted to "revoke" citizenship was murder people. In fact, he wanted to "revoke" the citizenship of Jews, no matter where they lived, and almost succeeded by murdering six million innocent men, women and children.

Keith M. Landy, national president, Canadian Jewish Congress,