Tickets for two, please

Tickets for two, please | Marion Mahaffy-Goudie

Letters | Kitchener-Waterloo Record | May 18, 2001

It is time for Prime Minister Jean Chretien to draw a chalk outline around the political career of Kitchener-Waterloo MP Andrew Telegdi.

Christian Aagaard put it well when he wrote the Canadian Jewish Congress would like Helmut Oberlander out on the next plane. Yup, me too, and many others whose grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles and teachers were blown to bits fighting the Teutonic wars of 1914-18 and 1939-45, and whose friends and relatives were tortured and gassed by Hitler.

Book a one-way flight for Telegdi as well. Excusing involvement in the Holocaust and comparing Canada to Hitler's Nazi Germany is as clever as playing Russian roulette. Telegdi cannot pull the pin out of that political grenade and lob it in our midst without losing the respect of all for his future decisions. Colour him gone.

Marion Mahaffy-Goudie