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Tuesday, 18 June 2002

Dear Member of Cabinet Special Committee of Council:

This letter is written with regard to the meeting of the Cabinet Special Committee of Council at which a decision will be made whether to revoke the citizenship of Mr. Wasyl Odynsky.

The members of the German-Canadian Congress are very concerned about this case, which many have followed from the beginning.

We are extremely worried about the decision of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, The Hon. Denis Coderre, recommending the revocation of Mr. Odynsky's Canadian citizenship.

This recommendation is based on findings by Justice Andrew MacKay, who concluded that there is NO evidence that Mr. Odynsky was directly or indirectly involved in any war- or other crimes. However, Justice MacKay ruled that on the "Balance of Probabilities", Mr. Odynsky withheld information concerning his forced service in the German military.

Please consider the following:

1) Justice MacKay found that there is no proof that Mr. Odynsky committed any crimes
2) Mr. Odynsky did not mistreat any of the people he was guarding.
3) There is no proof that Mr. Odynsky withheld any information about his forced service in the German military from Canadian Immigration Officials when he was interviewed before coming to Canada. This is a ruling by one person based on the "Balance of Probabilities", without providing definite proof.
4) Revoking Mr. Odynsky's Canadian citizenship and deporting him from Canada would violate the UN Declaration of Human Rights, to which Canada is a signatory.
5) Mr. Odynsky has lived an exemplary life, before and since coming to Canada.

Dear Minister, as Canadians we are proud of our tradition and commitment to defend Human Rights. We hope that the Cabinet Special Committee of Council will continue to uphold this tradition and will not revoke the Canadian Citizenship of a valued Canadian Citizen, Mr. Wasyl Odynsky.


German-Canadian Congress, Ontario
Ernst Friedel, President