CJC is satisfied

Letters to the Editor | Dr. Frank Bialystok | The Toronto Sun | June 14, 2001

PETER WORTHINGTON'S column, "Irrational Act", (Toronto Sun, June 7, 2001) continues the debate on the fairness of Canada's Citizenship Act. The Canadian Jewish Congress has consistently supported the rule of law in the matter of the cases against Helmut Oberlander and Wasyl Odynsky. Referring to Oberlander, it is our belief that five years before the Federal Court of Canada, with time permitted for numerous appeals, does indeed constitute due process. Further, while certain groups feel that meeting the "balance of probabilities" - the currently employed burden of proof - is insufficient to remove an individual's citizenship, it is unfair to state, as Worthington does, that the Federal Court simply found that Oberlander and Odynsky "probably didn't tell the whole truth as refugees." Justice Andrew MacKay was quite aware of the responsibility that rested on him to weigh the evidence carefully. CJC is satisfied that both Oberlander and Odynsky have received due process.

Dr. Frank Bialystok
Canadian Jewish Congress
Ontario Region

(Without a right of appeal, we aren't)