The (Jewish) emperor has no clothes

Subject: The (Jewish) emperor has no clothes
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 14:29:19 -0400
From: Meelena Baker
To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Re. Cogs in the murder-machine
Bernie Farber, Toronto Sun Sat. April 28, 2001
The Calgary Sun
Sunday Opinion | Comment.| April 29, 2001
Re. Ukrainian teens were Nazi victims
Peter Worthington, Toronto Sun, April 29, 2001

When will the Jewish people of Canada vocally acknowledge that the emperor (Bernie Farber, President of the Canadian Jewish Congress) "has no clothes". Like the little boy in the fable, the rest of Canada sees that Farber is off in a world of his own, and embarrasses the rest of the people (I suggest most Jewish Canadians included) while he lobbies our parliamentarians to assume that foot soldiers from Europe, who committed no crimes, should be hounded in Canada 50 years later. His mission is that "we not forget" the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis (a worthy objective), but to our embarrassment, will punish anyone who in any way was associated with the Germans during World War II (even if they were victims themselves).

As pointed out by Peter Worthington, changes to the law to allow appeals in Immigration proceedings, were supported by MPs from all parties and by B'nai Brith, but not by the Canadian Jewish Congress. It is obvious to the rest of us, that appeals may give landed immigrants (including victims like Oberlander and Odynsky) the benefit of a second ear, in cases which put the vindictiveness of the "emperor" against the second sober thought of a just court of appeal.

Your Excellency, may I recommend a looking glass?

Meelena Baker