Jewish groups maligned

Toronto Globe and Mail | May 5, 2001
By Leo Adler

Toronto -- The remark by Paul Tuerr, vice-president of the Ontario chapter of the German-Canadian Congress, that Jewish groups enjoy special access to politicians in Canada is a misstatement that serves no useful purpose except to exacerbate relations among Canadians (Caplan Attacked Over Pending Deportation -- Globe and Mail, May 4, 2001).

Helmut Oberlander's legal predicaments have been reviewed numerous times by various courts up to and including the Supreme Court of Canada. Whatever decision the cabinet makes will be its own, and not any one particular minister's. Mr. Oberlander can make further submissions, or he can have others make them on his behalf. Once a decision is made, due process provides for other steps to be taken.

Mr. Oberlander has had, and will continue to have, legal recourse that those who were subjected to Nazi persecution never had.

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Leo Adler is director, national affairs,
Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies,