Posted on March 01, 2002

Dear CA members:

I am amazed that no one has responded to the denaturalization and deportation resolution posted above. It is a perfect example of the Liberal government deliberately corrupting Canada's justice system. Political show trials are now the norm in Canada, as illustrated by the revocation of the citizenship of Helmut Oberlander in a secret Cabinet meeting on July 12, 2001. It is not even known which Cabinet Ministers were present at this meeting.

As the official opposition, one would have expected the Canadian Alliance to forcefully protest this subversion of justice. To my knowledge, not one Canadian Alliance MP brought this issue up in Parliament or in public. Why not? Neither has our grassroots membership been vocal on this issue. Why not?

And when a resolution on denaturalization and deportation is formulated in Edmonton Centre-East, it is suppressed. Why?

Mozuz, Edmonton West