Posted on Feb. 20, 2002

Dear CA members:

Hopefully, most of you have seen the 20 Constitution resolutions and 33 Policy resolutions selected for debate at the April 4-7, 2002 National Convention. Aside for members of the various Policy Committees, few people will have examined the 500 or so resolutions originally submitted by Sept. 28, 2001 and distributed by National Office by mid-October 2001. And very few, indeed, will have seen the resolutions passed by various Constituency Associations and either not submitted or omitted in the National Office distribution.

It has come to my attention that five such policy resolutions were passed by Edmonton Centre-East. Appended below, is one of these resolutions on the issue of

Denaturalization and Deportation

Edmonton Centre-East Policy Resolution

RESOLVED THAT THE CANADIAN ALLIANCE support the principle that every Canadian accused of being a war criminal should be brought to trial in a Canadian criminal court, regardless of the wrongdoer's ethnic, religious or racial background, or where or when the alleged crime against humanity took place; and therefore we oppose the continuation of the Liberal government's denaturalization and deportation process on the basis that such process violates the principles of fairness, or equality before and under the law, of the right of every individual to equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination, and of the principle that every Canadian accused of an offence is entitled to be tried by a Court and not by politicians.


Reference to Policies No. 61, 48 and 49. Policy 61: "We affirm the equality of every individual before and under the law and the right of every individual to equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination."


In denaturalization and deportation, suspects face the consequences of a criminal case, but are subjected to a civil process that accuses them of obtaining Canadian citizenship by false representation, fraud or knowingly concealing material circumstances. The process is unfair because: trial covers hypothetical events 50 years ago; all documents have been destroyed and all witnesses died; pretence of war criminality is dropped; court rulings are decided on a balance of probabilities and are based on failure of accused to stand up to tyrant's intimidation; actual decision on status and deportation made by Cabinet, not by a judge, with no appeal.


Support: 12 Board members Oppose: No Board members
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In my opinion, this resolution should be discussed by Canadian Alliance members, both on FreeDominion and at the April 4-7, 2002 National Convention.

Respectfully submitted
Mozuz, Edmonton West