World Telemonde (WTM) Application to CRTC

May 15, 2001

Canadian Radio-Television and
Telecommunications Commission
1 Promenade du Portage
Terrasses de la Chaudiere
Hull, Quebec K1A 0N2

Fax: 819-994-0218
Email: [email protected]

Dear Commissioners:

Re: CRTC Application #2000-2155-1

As President of one of the major Canadian Ukrainian organizations with 17 locals across Canada, I wish to advise that we support the application of World Telemonde (WTM) in its efforts to obtain licensing for a multi-language network. In turn, we would seek and, we're assured, would receive, time to broadcast in Ukrainian on World Telemonde (WTM).

Canada aspires to be a multicultural society. However, without delivery instruments such as multi-lingual network designed to serve the non-French and English language minority, this is but a policy concept based on rhetoric rather than reality. As a people who have given about 110 years of service to Canada, and have strived against grave odds to survive as a discernable building block in Canada's mosaic, Ukrainian Canadians see this as a positive recognition of our presence, belonging and enhancement in Canada.

We look forward to a positive ruling. Kindly advise us of your decision.

With warm regards,

Oksana Bashuk Hepburn
National President
Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Federation

cc: World Telemonde (WTM)
890 Caledonia Road, Toronto, Ontario M6B 3Y1
Fax: (416) 785-7350 / Email: [email protected]
Attention: Dan Iannuzzi

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Background info:

Champion our heritages!

Dear Friends,

Next month, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will hear our television application - World Telemonde - a national specialty service representing the true multicultural and multilingual reality of Canada. World Telemonde is dedicated to reflect the cultural diversity of our county and provide its citizenry with a variety of programs that will entertain and educate.

We are a team of proud Canadians - proud of Canada's commitment to maintaining our rich and dynamic mosaic. Our proposed service will not only enrich those of us from the myriad of other cultures, it will also serve to enrich and enlighten all Canadians as to the cultures of the peoples of the globe. All of our world programming will be broadcast in the original language, yet remain accessible, in both English and French through state-of-the-art subtitles providing all Canadians with a direct window on the world. You can read more about our service on our web site,

Just last week, the CRTC publicly announced that it will hear our revised application at a public hearing sometime between June 19 and June 22, a little over a month away. This upcoming June hearing is a direct result of being denied by the CRTC on a similar application last year. That particular application - with more than 4,000 support letters representing hundreds of thousands of Canadians - was denied to a large measure because cultural diversity was not considered of sufficient importance and interest. Our decision to continue our efforts is, in large part, due to the outpouring of coast-to-coast support we have received over the last six months - support from various organizations like the Canadian Ethno-cultural Association, Council for Canadian Unity, various immigrant settlement organizations, numerous other cultural-related associations and other organizations including unions, trade, international development, senior citizens and independent TV producers.

Our commitment to the reality of Canada remains, but we still need your help and your voice. We urge you and your members, your neighbours, friends and workmates to let the CRTC know, in writing, of the historical importance and contemporary relevance of this service. In order for any letter to qualify and be placed on the public record, it must be received by the CRTC no later than May 30, 2001. (For your convenience, we have included some sample letters below.)

Time is of the essence, and numbers are important - the more letters that are received the better. Spread the word: to your family, your neighbours, your co-workers. Champion the cultures of the globe and speak up for your commitment to the Canadian model.

Please mail, fax or email your letter to:

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
1 Promenade du Portage
Terrasses de la Chaudiere
Hull, Quebec K1A 0N2
Fax: 819 994-0218
Email: [email protected]

and note the following in your heading: Re: Application Number 2000-2155-1

Also, indicate to the CRTC that you have sent a copy of your letter to us at:

World Telemonde (WTM)
890 Caledonia Road
Toronto, Ontario M6B 3Y1
Fax: 416 785-7350
Email: [email protected]