Ukrainian guard wasn't a Nazi

Apr 5, 2001

Toronto Sun
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Dear Editor,

It's a sorry day for a fine country like Canada when in trying to accomodate the grief of one people it goes overboard and perpetrates wrongs of its own.

How indignant, the Western world was, with the late Senator McCarthy's pursuit of Communists in the US, a heinous force with more blood on its hands than any other ideology. We continue to tolerate, indeed defend Communists' rights in our midst; yet how anxious we are to destroy lives on the basis of a modicum of probability in the name of righting the wrongs of the Nazis.

This is over reaction. Its time for the pendulum to come to rest; for Canada to leave Wasyl Odynsky in peace. He and his family (his daughter is our member) are ordinary people swept by history's currents and deserve the justice and compassion that Canada is proud of providing for just such folks.

Thank you, Peter Worthington (Toronto Sun, April 5, 2001), for striking a balance.

Oksana Bashuk Hepburn
Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Federation