Health Care

Although all the political candidates are expounding at great length on the issue of health care, it is not something which can be resolved during an election campaign.

There was a health care crisis (when the Liberal government made draconian slashes to the health care budget). There is a health care crisis now (with long lineups for specialized medical procedures). There will continue to be a health care crisis for the forseeable future.

The reality is that we are becoming a geriatric society. Canadians are living longer and fewer children are being born. The very expensive modern medical procedures are certain to place a severe strain on the financial resources of our country.

The Liberal cutbacks at least brought the issue to the attention of Canadians. Health care spending was rising exponentially and was completely out of control. A very major re-structuring of our health care system was and continues to be required. Canadians and politicians are rightfully concerned about the future of health care, but throwing money at the problem, as is being proposed by all political parties, is the worst thing that could happen.

Advice to politicians: Cool the rhetoric before you do irreparable harm by raising false expectations.