Bishop Henry | 07Feb2008 | Wallace Klinck

Defending Freedom of Speech

Dear Bishop Henry,

I have observed your difficulties with the Human "Rights" (a misnomer, if ever one was) Commission and agree with your position in defending yourself (and, thereby, all the rest of us) against the injustices which these "extra-legal" and unconstitutional institutions increasingly mete out against citizens of conviction who, rightly or wrongly, feel they have an obligation to speak out on a public forum. I wish to thank you for standing up to these tyrannical and ideological Commissions which obviously have an agenda which they want imposed upon Canadians without the inconvenience of public discussion and debate. There has developed recently an increasing backlash against these Commissions and I think that now is a propitious time to escalate the criticism -- until ideally we can have them eliminated or at least drastically reigned in. The latter objective is not really satisfactory because, their essential nature being incompatible with and inimical to a free society, they will always attempt to extend their jurisdiction and will forever pose a threat to society so long as they remain standing.

Rather than comment further, I attach a PDF containing several articles and/or letters which I have written on the subject of freedom of speech, etc.--and also a link to a Website which has posted this and other relevant material. I hope that some of this material may be of some interest and practical use to you in the battle-line you appear to have taken to defend our historic freedoms of communication and association. I wish you every success with Divine intervention in protecting your essential rights and freedoms and, in so doing, those of the rest of Canadian citizens.

Yours sincerely
Wallace Klinck