The original intent of the Canadian Human Rights Commission was to protect individual employees against discrimination and unfair labour practices by employers -- often large corporations or unscrupulous entrepreneurs. This falls under the category of individual human rights.

Somehow, this mandate was expanded into the area of collective human rights -- protection of social groups -- ethnic, religious, women's, homosexual. In my opinion, it is very dangerous to allow a small quasi-judicial body to rule on sociological issues on behalf of Canadian society. It is even more dangerous to allow a small quasi-judicial body to try to regulate human emotions such as love, anger and hate.

Over the last several years the CHRC appears to be ever more involved in cases defined as "hate propaganda" against Jews. (We know of no other ethnic or religious group on whose behalf the CHRC has acted.) Criticism of Jewish individuals, Jewish organizations or the State of Israel is ever more categorized as hate propaganda worthy of suppression. Even critical material published by Jewish authors or historical or statistical facts are deemed censorable.

As of Jan. 04, 2006, the CHRC page of my website has only two articles:

  • the speech of CHRC Chief Commissioner, Mary Gusella, at a Dec. 15/16, 2005 conference organized by the CHRC (with taxpayers' money) ostensibly dedicated to fight hate propaganda on the Internet, but in reality dedicated to facilitate censorship of the Internet, and

  • the letter of John McManus, Department of Justice Canada, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Section, organizing a conference (with taxpayers' money) for Nov. 01, 1999 ostensibly to discuss "ways to ensure Canada does not become a safe haven for war criminals", but in reality to legitimize the denaturalization and deportation (d&d) policy that they had instituted in 1995.
  • We note that both of these conferences are like cults, where like-minded individuals gather (at taxpayers' expense) to reinforce their beliefs and legitimize their actions before the Canadian public. Both sets of cultists are supported by the Holocaust Industry and both promote the agenda of the Holocaust Industry.

    It would be useful for a like-number of Canadians to gather (at tax payers' expense) to expose the hypocrisy of these cultists and the danger they present to Canadian society.

    Over the years, the MoZeus website has archived a great deal of material on the d&d issue. For material critical of the CHRC, the reader is invited to visit the UKAR website of Dr. Lubomyr Prytulak at

    Will Zuzak, 2006.01.04

    Update:  On 15Mar2006, Lubomyr Prytulak removed his UKAR website from the Internet as a result of pressure from the CHRC and  the CHRT. An original version has been preserved at
    Archives (ukar; zzk2012)

    As of 17Mar2013, there are now 22 articles in the CHRC file, with the latest being a report on the death of "free speech defender" Doug Christie on 11Mar2013. It is ironic and sad that the Canadian Human Rights Commission has morphed into an instrument with which to attack freedom of speech and promote censorship.

    Will Zuzak; 2013.03.17