Police file new evidence against businessmen in Chretien's riding

Thu. Nov. 23 2000 7:22 PM

Investigators in Quebec have submitted new evidence against two businessmen in Prime Minister Jean Chretien's riding. Mario Pepin and Paul Lemire were charged in July with theft and fraud in connection with the misuse of $150,000 in federal job creation money.

``The fact is, I've got a rather thick police report from the RCMP, as a matter of fact, in which Mr. Pepin and Mr. Lemire as well are considered as being suspect,'' said Jacques Mercier, Crown attorney in Shawinigan, Que.

Mercier says he hasn't decided if the new evidence means fresh charges will be laid.

Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day, who has repeatedly slammed Chretien for what he calls a pattern of corruption, seized on the information to launch a new attack.

``Again, today, we see the RCMP talking about more investigations and right in Jean Chretiens' riding,'' he said.

``There's already five different investigations going on _ possibly another one.

``I think somebody made some profit. Folks, have we had enough?'' Day said in a speech in Ancaster, Ont., west of Hamilton.