Commentary and analysis of the Nov. 27, 2000 election results for the Edmonton-West constituency are given separately. Here, we will briefly summarize our views on the election from a national standpoint.

As we stated at the entrance to this website: "The modern electoral process has little to do with democracy and everything to do with connivance, deceit and bribery of the electorate." To that must be added "fear and hate mongering via negative advertising".

The three interconnected issues which we highlighted above (secrecy in government and bureaucracy, dictatorship of the PMO, organized crime infiltrating the highest levels of our governmental and bureaucratic structures) were barely discussed. These are the issues, which present the greatest danger to the democratic fabric of our society. The Orwellian nightmare is already upon us.

And, as predicted, the denaturalization and deportation policy, which continues to erode Canada's justice system, was not even mentioned. Elinor Caplan, however, did succeed in labeling Canadian Alliance supporters as "racists, bigots and holocaust deniers".

Everyone agrees that the campaign of the Canadian Alliance led by Stockwell Day was an unmitigated disaster. In our opinion, Mr. Day failed completely in providing a VISION of the future to which he would like to lead Canadian society. The whole campaign deteriorated into every party leader proclaiming himself to be the "good guy" and labeling his opponents as the "bad guys".

Although we had good intentions of providing daily commentary on the election campaign, because of time and energy constraints, we only managed the 3 commentaries archived below:

Our efforts to raise the awareness of Edmonton-West voters on the d/d issue by distributing the pamphlet JUSTICE, FAIRNESS and YOU and placing an advertisement in the Nov. 17, 2000 issue of the Edmonton Examiner (zone 7) seem to have failed miserably. However, it did elicit 4 negative responses from readers.