Simon Wiesenthal
Leading Fabulist of the 20th Century
Grand Calumniator of Ukraine

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"In France, where the Germans were often unable to distinguish Jews from Frenchmen, the Gestapo imported Ukrainians, who found the French Jews for them." Simon Wiesenthal

Simon Wiesenthal: 60 Minutes provides forum for calumniation of Ukraine

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Letters about Simon Wiesenthal

@ To Elie Wiesel    20Dec94  Disturbed by what I discovered
@ To Michael Jordan 19Jul96  Allowing a fabulist on 60 Minutes
@ To Raul Hilberg   15Sep97  Invitation to deny Lviv Massacre
@ To Elie Wiesel    29Mar98  Please renounce Kosinsky and Wiesenthal
@ To Morley Safer   26Apr99  One out of 40 escaped shooting
@ To Morley Safer   04Jul99  The Wiesenthal-Safer Calumny
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Letters to Simon Wiesenthal, Grand Calumniator of Ukraine

@ Letter 01    08Dec94    Just One Key to the Church
@ Letter 02    09Dec94    Celebrating Hitler's Birthday
@ Letter 03    10Dec94    Suicide by Saccharin
@ Letter 04    12Dec94    Saber Slash
@ Letter 05    13Dec94    Children Find the Revolver
@ Letter 06    14Dec94    Mauthausen Rock Quarry
@ Letter 07    15Dec94    Spying on the Polish Partisans
@ Letter 08    16Dec94    The Prisoner's Overlooked Belt
@ Letter 09    17Dec94    Forced March to Mauthausen
@ Letter 10    14Aug97    Prisoner with Two Pistols
@ Letter 11    28Aug97    Retribution for Escaping
@ Letter 12    03Sep97    Reprisals Against Relatives
@ Letter 13    03Sep97    The Rusinek Slap
@ Letter 14    04Sep97    The Forgotten Bodnar
@ Letter 15    08Sep97    The Elusive Lviv Massacre
@ Letter 16    09Sep97    Shifting Date for the Lviv Massacre
@ Letter 17    10Sep97    Unique Ukrainian Perceptual Skills
@ Letter 18    11Sep97    Questions Concerning the Waffen SS
@ Letter 19    12Sep97    Testimony of Erwin Schulz
@ Letter 20    13Sep97    Jews Killing Ukrainians in Lviv
@ Letter 21    14Sep97    Altered Dates of Death
@ Letter 22    22Sep97    Why Lose Two Front Teeth?
@ Letter 23    23Sep97    The Pious Executioners
@ Letter 24    18Jan98    Reversing victim and victimizer
@ Letter 25    21Jun99    Is Simon Wiesenthal ready to confess?

Some letters returned

The only replies that I have received to any of these letters was to have Simon Wiesenthal return to me the originals of my letters 10 to 17 on September 23, 1997, of my letters 18 to 21 on October 8, 1997, and of my letters 22 and 23 on October 21/97 all without any comment.  The returned letters were in Wiesenthal-supplied envelopes, the letters refolded in half from my original folding in thirds.  As of 02Jan2000, Letter 24 of 18Jan98 and Letter 25 of 21Jun99 have not been returned.

Sending the letters has utility

In spite of the absence of any substantive reply from Mr. Wiesenthal, my letters are useful in constituting a public record that the questions have been asked and that Mr. Wiesenthal has been given an opportunity to answer them.  It is probable that for a few of the questions which the letters ask, Mr. Wiesenthal would be able to provide an answer which successfully absolved him of any wrongdoing; however, the probability that Mr. Wiesenthal would be able to provide satisfactory answers to all the questions must be close to zero.  Thus, even in the absence of any substantive reply from Mr. Wiesenthal, perhaps these letters provide mounting evidence that he lacks credibility.  Perhaps also the letters will soon lay the foundation for the widespread acknowledgment that Simon Wiesenthal has been playing the role of the grand calumniator of Ukraine in the same way that Jerzy Kosinski had earlier played the role of the grand calumniator of Poland.

Significance increases over time

As it turns out, some of the more substantive issues that I deal with appear only in the more recent letters.  The reason for this mounting order of significance over time is that in 1994, the more substantive issues had been discussed in a critique that I wrote concerning the 60 Minutes broadcast, and that I had mailed to people at CBS and others including Simon Wiesenthal, and so in my early letters, I did not repeat the points that had been made in the critique.  The more recent letters, however, have begun to concern themselves with some of those maximally-substantive topics from the critique.

Cross-referencing of letters

All of the letters concern themselves with Mr. Wiesenthal's credibility.  The following cross-referencing indicates letters which throw light on other topics:

Wiesenthal's appearance on 60 Minutes: 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24
Wiesenthal-Safer Lviv Massacre: 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 24
Wiesenthal's anti-Ukrainianism: 1, 4, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23
Wiesenthal's Nazi collaboration:
7, 10, 11

Also relevant to Wiesenthal's Nazi collaboration is my
Letter 8 to Morley Safer.

Lviv Massacre letters most important

If I were at the moment to narrow attention to the most significant letters, I think that it would be letters 15, 16, 19, 20, 21 and 24.  These deal particularly with the Wiesenthal-Safer Lviv Massacre which according to 60 Minutes consisted of the killing by Ukrainians of 5 to 6 thousand (Wiesenthal), or perhaps 3 thousand (Safer), Jews prior to the German occupation of Lviv in 1941. However:

Letter 15 indicates that two of the foremost historians of the Holocaust appear to be unaware of the pogrom described by 60 Minutes.

Letter 16 indicates that Simon Wiesenthal has contradicted himself as to the time of occurrence of this pogrom.

Letter 19 presents the testimony of Erwin Schulz who also seems to be unaware of the pogrom described in 60 Minutes, but rather testifies that during this same interval in Lviv, Jews killed 5 thousand Ukrainians.

Letter 20 documents that the hypothesis supported in letter 19 that in fact prior to the arrival of the Germans in Lviv, Jews killed 5 thousand Ukrainians is compatible with testimony from a number of sources.

Letter 21 reveals that 60 Minutes attempted to lend credibility to the idea of Ukrainian actions against Jews during the pre-German interval by changing the dates on which Simon Wiesenthal's mother was arrested and his mother-in-law was killed.

Letter 24 suggests that the reversal of victim and victimizer is a habit of almost five decades' standing in the repertoire of Simon Wiesenthal, an early instance being his offering drawn copies of photographs of Germans executed by Americans as depicting Jews executed by Germans.

On top of the above six letters to Simon Wiesenthal may be added one letter to and one from the renowned historian of the Jewish Holocaust, Raul Hilberg.  In my letter to professor Hilberg, I ask whether he knows of any events that resemble the Wiesenthal-Safer Lviv Massacre of 1941.  Professor Hilberg kindly outlines for me the events that he knows of in that place and at that time and none of these come close to resembling the event described by Wiesenthal and Safer.

Letter to Hilberg
Letter from Hilberg

Thus, the above six letters to Simon Wiesenthal, and on top of that the letter to and from Raul Hilberg, suggest that the most serious allegation brought forward by 60 Minutes that the Lviv Massacre consisted of Ukrainians killing 5 to 6 thousand Jews did not in fact occur, and even that it may be the exact opposite of the truth that in fact the Lviv Massacre consisted of Jews killing 5 thousand Ukrainians.

This degree of distortion is, of course, a very grave one to attribute to individuals of the prominence of Simon Wiesenthal and Morley Safer, and to an investigative journalism show as respected as 60 Minutes, but I ask you to read these eight letters and decide for yourself if that is not the direction in which the evidence points.