As head of the Charitable Committee in Aid of John Demjanjuk's Family, Montreal Branch, Lily Zuzak received 24 volumes of the English-language transcripts of the 1987-88 Demjanjuk Trial in Jerusalem from the Demjanjuk defense. Unfortunately, there are some pages and sections missing, and some of the material is not in consecutive order. Also, the translation and spelling is not particularly good.

In early January, 1999, I wrote a summary of the testimony of Yitzhak Arad. Since July 1999, I have been summarizing the testimony of the witnesses for the prosecution and thought I should archive the material at this website before continuing with the defense portion of the trial. This should be considered a first draft, since no spell check or editting has been performed

In my opinion, the desired testimony is most easily located via the transcriptsindex.html link. I hope the reader finds the material interesting and useful.

Will Zuzak
Oct. 4, 1999