Will Zuzak; GAZ_CSIS.94H = Gazette, 1993-11-26 letter to; 1994-08-15
Dear UKES and s.c.u netters:
     For your information, I am posting a news item in today's Montreal 
Gazette, followed by a letter to the editor submitted and published in the 
Gazette in November 1993.
     It appears that professional hate mongering can be a lucrative 
Will Zuzak; 1994-08-15

Paid CSIS informant helped neo-Nazis, newspaper says
Canadian Press
Toronto - A paid informant for Canada's spy agency helped create and direct 
this country's largest and most successful neo-Nazi group, the Toronto Sun 
     Grant Bristow not only helped found the white racist Heritage Front, 
he directed a harassment campaign that might have contributed to street 
clashes between racists and anti-racists, the newspaper said yesterday.
     The Sun also said Bristow's real name and origins are shrouded in 
     Bristow, intelligence chief and co-director of security for the 
Heritage Front, has been a paid informant for the Canadian Security 
Intelligence Service since early 1989 - before the Heritage Front's 
inception, the Sun said without naming sources.
     "CSIS created something that can't be stopped. White Canada should be 
grateful," the Heritage Front hotline said yesterday in response to claims 
Bristow was a CSIS informant.
     Six months after Bristow was put on the CSIS payroll, the Front was 
conceived, the Sun reported. And four years later CSIS was identifying the 
Heritage Front and its off-shoots as a potential threat to national 
     Describing the group's tactics, former Front member Ken Barker said, 
"Grant brings the wood, he brings the kindling, he brings the match and 
says 'Light it.'"
     Intelligence sources say that during 1993, Bristow was paid $50,000 to 
     A spokesman for CSIS, Mark Boyer, said he could not comment about 
     Heritage Front members, unaware of claims Bristow was a CSIS informer 
until now, have consistently described him as a "founding father" of the 
Gazette, Montreal, Monday, August 15, 1994 page A7
Letters to Editor
The Gazette
250, ouest rue St-Antoine
Montreal, Quebec   H2Y 3R7

Dear Sirs:

     The story in the Nov. 25, 1993 issue of the Gazette
(attributed to the Saskatoon Starphoenix) titled "How justice was
denied in Indian's murder" by Dale Eisler omits one of the most
basic elements of the case. Namely, that the killer, Carney
Nerland, was a paid RCMP informant.

     I do not know if the Hughes inquiry examined this aspect of
the case in its report on the shooting death of Leo Lachance.
However, it is to be hoped that in the future the RCMP will
refrain from sending saboteurs like Mr. Nerland to infiltrate
politically incorrect groups like the Aryan Nations so as to
encourage them to perform violent acts and promote hatred in our
society. Perhaps Solicitor General Herb Grey should be asked to
explain RCMP policy in this regard.

Sincerely yours,
William Zuzak; GAZ_CSIS = Gazette, 1993-11-26 letter to; 1994-08-15