Will Zuzak; DESCROCK.014 = Holowaty in Canada; 1996-09-12
Dear Ukes:

	It has come to my attention that Ukrainian Justice Minister,
Serhij Holowaty, is supposed to be in Canada Sept. 21 to 25, 1996 and
have extensive consultations with Canadian Justice Minister, Allan Rock.
Presumably, he will also be visiting Toronto and (on Sept. 25) Montreal.

	I do not know the purpose of his visit but I am deeply concerned
that Mr. Holowaty and the Ukrainian justice system not be compromised by
the "denaturalization and deportation of alleged war criminals"
initiative being pursued by Allan Rock of Canada. As I have pointed out
many times previously, "denaturalization and deportation" has nothing to
do with justice at all and is, indeed, a blueprint for injustice.
(See the DESCROCK.001 - .013 files at

http://meltingpot.fortunecity.com/pakistan/83/demjanjuk/ )

	Historically, corruption of the American justice system was
consolidated with a January 1980 visit to the Soviet Procuracy in Moscow
by Norman Rockler (of Nurnberg vintage) and Allan Ryan Jr. of the OSI.
(The deal with the KGB was made even though the Soviet Union had just
invaded and occupied Afghanistan the month previously). This corruption
subsequently spread into Canada and has now matured to the
"denaturalization and deportation" stage. It would be a pity, indeed, if
such corruption were to be ingrained into the Ukrainian justice system
even in its infancy.

	Ukrainians and the Ukrainian diaspora must not allow this to
happen. Ukrainian lawyers and jurists (especially in Canada) must become
fully informed on the issue and be prepared to provide guidance and
legal advice to Mr. Holowaty.

	In my opinion, should there be any initiative by Allan Rock with
regard to "denaturalization and deportation", Mr. Holowaty should
categorically refuse to have anything to do with it. Collaboration
between the Canadian and Ukrainian Ministries of Justice must be under
the strictest guidelines provided by criminal law and not the slipshod
informal practices presently followed by the Canadian war crimes unit.

	Justice must never be allowed to degenerate into politics.

Will Zuzak; DESCROCK.014 = Holowaty in Canada; 1996-09-12