Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.030 = Reply to Dan Spiegel; 1996-09-30
Dear Stefan Lemieszewski:

	Thank you for bringing the posting of Dan Spiegel
 concerning the Trawniki ID card to my

	Frankly, I simply do not believe that Mr. Spiegel is sincere. He
spends several minutes interspersing questions throughout my DEMANUK.002
file and then expects me to spend several tens, if not hundreds, of
hours answering his questions. The answers to most of his questions can
be found in the court records and the submissions of the Demjanjuk
defense. Since Mr. Spiegel presumably lives in Cleveland, Ohio and has
presumably followed the Demjanjuk case from its inception, it should be
relatively easy for him to gain access to the relevant documents (or
even purchase photocopies at reasonable cost).

	In my opinion, Mr. Spiegel's interest lies in spreading the
MESSAGE as defined in the introduction of my long critique of Thomas
Wiseman's report, DEMANUK.011, archived at

	Chemical forensic testing can only be done on an original
document in a laboratory specially equiped for the purpose. This was not
done in the fraudulent Cleveland denaturalization trial, since Gideon
Epstein, the expert witness for the prosecution, claimed to have
examined it within the confines of the Soviet Embassy. However, such
testing was carried out by Dr. A. Werner in Germany and Dr. Julius Grant
(expert witness for the defense) and Mr. Bezaleli(?) (expert witness for
the prosecution) in the Jerusalem trial. Both Werner and Grant ruled
the Trawniki card to be fraudulent. Of course, the corrupt judges of the
Jerusalem Show Trial and the Cleveland denaturalization trial ruled it to
be authentic.

	Because the SEMITTIMES may be difficult to obtain, I am
reproducing a letter to President George Bush from Abraham Melzer
(publisher of the 32 page, bi-monthly, German language SEMITTIMES - Das
Deutsch-Judische Meinungs- und Zeitmagazin):
Semit KG, Buchschlager Allee 28, 6072 Dreieich 3
Open Letter to his
Excellency, George Bush,
The President of the United States
White House
Washington D.C.
Dreieich, 15th, March 1992

Mr. President, Sir:

As publisher of the largest independent Jewish Magazine in Germany,
"SEMITTIMES", I direct this appeal to you in the name of justice, fair
play, and human rights.

As you must certainly know, a former american citizen, John Demjanjuk,
has been condemned to death by an israeli court for crimes against
humanity. The prosecution claims that he is the notorius "Ivan the
Terrible" who is responsible for the death of countless Jews in
Treblinka and the suffering of many who survived the terrible ordeal in
this infamous concentration camp.

The chief evidence against John Demjanjuk, is an identity card
purporting to identify him as a guard in Treblinka and a member of the
dreaded SS "Death's Head" units. Not only has Mr. Demjanjuk continually
denied ever having been in or near Treblinka, but this identity card has
been proven to be a KGB forgery by a number of independent Experts,
including the chief forensic expert of the german federal police
(BUNDESKRIMINALAMT) Dr. A. Werner, who examined it at the request of the
Israeli judicial system and termed it "a plump forgery of poor quality."

This perversion of the evidence has led to a flawed verdict and thus to
a perversion of israeli justice and threatens the fabric of democratic
institutions in Israel.

As a Jew and as a voice for independent Jewry in Germany, I urge You to
intervene in this case. As the President of the United States, you not
only possess the moral authority to demand fairness for John Demjanjuk,
but you also have the right to protect citizens of your country who
become objects of a gross miscarriage of justice!

"SEMITTIMES" is eager to see every real murderer of Jews, every real
torturer of jewish women and children brought to justice, tried and
condemned. But we are not willing to accept a politically inspired farce
in place of a real trial or a perhaps very minor actor in place of a
real war criminal.

The Eichman trial gave Jews a measure of revenge and retribution.
Eichman was a man whose actions were provable beyond any doubt and
deserving death!

Demjanjuk is no Eichman. He is not even a proven war criminal and this
trial and its verdict do nothing but bring discredit on israeli justice,
and dishonor to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

Mr. President, in the name of the blindfolded Godess, stop this farce
before it succeeds in doing irreparable damage to the image of Israel
and Judaism in the world.

Abraham Melzer

[Minor punctuation and spelling corrections by Will Zuzak.]

	You will note that the above article refers to the German
forensic expert Dr. A. Werner, who presumably stated that the Trawniki
ID card was fraudulent. Yoram Sheftel and Ed Nishnic have repeatedly
referred to Dr. Werner's findings, both in their public statements and
in their submissions to the various courts.

	I will post this message to UCPB and UKES-NEWS, but request you
to convey my reply to Mr. Spiegel and the various newsgroups.
Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.030 = Reply to Dan Spiegel; 1996-09-30