Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.029 = 3rd anniv. of Demjanjuk release, 1996-09-22
Dear Readers:

	Today, Sept. 22, 1996 marks the third anniversary that John
Demjanjuk was released from Ayalon prison in Israel and returned home to
Cleveland, Ohio. Since then he has readjusted to life in the Ukrainian
community in the United States. During my latest conversation with him,
Mr. Demjanjuk asked me to extend his thanks and greetings to all the
people who have supported him over the last 20 years.

	The latest twist in the case concerns the Trawniki ID card. As I
have outlined in my second Demjanjuk file archived as
http://meltingpot.fortunecity.com/pakistan/83/demjanjuk/demanuk.002 ,
there is overwhelming evidence that the card is a fake. This is
recognized by virtually everyone who has examined photostatic copies of
it. Only the OSI, the courts in Israel and Demjanjuk hate-mongers still
maintain the card is valid.

	According to Ed Nishnic, the Demjanjuk defense has uncovered
evidence that, prior to the Cleveland denaturalization trial in February
1981, the OSI had interviewed a former Trawniki employee who was living
in the United States, and withheld the evidence from the defense and the
courts. Mr. Nishnic is petitioning the courts to order the OSI to
release this evidence.

	Given that it is virtually certain that the Trawniki ID card is
a fake, the question arises as to why Judge Battisti allowed an
unverified KGB document to be used as evidence in an American court.
Sadly, we may never know the answer, since two days after the Supreme
Court of the United States upheld the Sixth Circuit Court ruling that
the OSI had "perpetrated fraud on the court" in obtaining the
denaturalization of Mr. Demjanjuk and his extradition to Israel, Frank
Battisti contracted a strange illness and died shortly thereafter.

Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.029 = 3rd anniv. of Demjanjuk release, 1996-09-22