Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.013 = Media coverage ruling; 1993-11-18
Dear Subscribers:
     On my 24 SEP 1993 posting regarding bias by the news media, I stated:

1.   The news media simply refuse to report on the alleged corruption 
within the OSI and the more recent investigation by the Sixth Circuit Court 
of Appeals into their conduct of the Demjanjuk case.

2.   The news media refuse to investigate and report on the connections 
between the OSI and the Deschenes Commission (as well as the Canadian War 
Crimes Unit, set up as a result). Documents trashed by the OSI and 
recovered by the Demjanjuk defense indicate an unholy alliance between the 
OSI and the people who inveigled the Federal Mulroney government to 
establish the Deschenes Commission. There is evidence to suggest that the 
OSI misled and unduly influenced the Deschenes Commission's deliberations 
and investigations.

     In monitoring the media coverage of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals 
ruling yesterday (17 NOV 1993) that the OSI was guilty of "prosecutorial 
misconduct that constituted fraud on the court" in the John Demjanjuk case,
I have determined that:

(a)  Reuter (10:52:28) and AFP (11:35:42) filed stories on the news wires.
(b)  CJAD 800 radio (Montreal) carried a short item at 11:00 a.m.
(c)  McNeal Lehrer News Hour (7:00 p.m. PBS, Plattsburgh, NY) carried a 
short item.
     To my knowledge, CBC and CTV television did not report on the issue at 
all, thus maintaining their policy of censorship on the issue. (My wife had
phoned both CBC and CTV about 4:30 p.m. and was assured that the item would 
be covered during the 6:00 p.m. news hour and on the National News.) I was 
not able to monitor the CBC Newsworld channel or CBC radio. If any 
subscribers have any more information about coverage of this item in Canada
, the United States or anywhere else in the world, I would be pleased to 
hear from you.
     The Montreal Gazette did carry a reasonable item this morning (18 NOV 
1993) on page A8 which was attributed to Reuter.

     The implications of this censorship are worrying. Although the 
corruption of the OSI has been confirmed and steps will presumably be taken 
to eradicate it in the United States, such is not the case in Canada:

(a)  Paid advertisements on CJAD 800 radio on Nov 5, 1993 called Montreal's 
Jewish community to attend a rally at the Cenotaph on Nov. 9, 1993 where 
Professor Irwin Cotler was to demand that the new Federal government press 
ahead with prosecutions of Nazi War Criminals. (Surprisingly, there was no 
news media coverage of this event.)

(b)  The new Solicitor General in Prime Minister Chretien's cabinet is a 
person of Jewish origin, Herb Gray. In the early 1980s, Robert Kaplan as 
Solicitor General in charge of the RCMP and CSIS in Pierre Trudeau's 
cabinet, actually lobbied foreign governments to extradite innocent 
Canadians to be charged with war crimes. It is to be hoped that Mr. Gray 
will not follow in Mr. Kaplan's footsteps.

(c)  The minister in charge of Multiculturalism is also a person of 
Jewish origin, Shiela Finestone. She was involved with the Deschenes 
Commission debacle and the subsequent war crimes legislation, Bill C-71. 
The previous Minister of Multiculturalism in the Mulroney cabinet was also 
of Jewish origin, Jerry Wiener, a staunch supporter of war crimes 
prosecutions. It has been rumored that because Mr. Wiener controlled the 
purse strings for Multicultural programs, the various Multicultural 
communities were loathe to challenge the discriminatory war crimes 
legislation implemented by the Mulroney government or the mode of operation 
of the Canadian War Crimes Unit.
     It is unfortunate that Mrs. Finestone has been placed in the same 
conflict of interest position as Mr. Weiner.
Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.013 = Media coverage of ruling; 1993-11-18