Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.005 = 1993-07-30 Demjanjuk article; 1993-09-20
Dear Subscribers:
     I apologize for the last message, I just sent. It was the wrong file! 
     You have probably heard that Judge Orr of the Israeli Supreme Court 
has ruled that John Demjanjuk may leave Israel. Let us pray that there will 
be no further obstacles preventing return to his family in Cleveland, Ohio.
     I have been asked about the "editing" or "censorship" of letters which 
I have written to newspapers concerning John Demjanjuk (or Ukrainian 
matters, in general). These are both associated with style and content. One 
is never given a reason why a letter is not published or why certain 
changes are made; however, I have noticed that the Montreal Gazette will 
not publish any references to wrong-doing by the OSI.
     I will expound on the issue at a later time. In the meantime, in the 
following letter the words "professional hate mongers" were edited out:
Letters to Editor
The Gazette
250, ouest rue St-Antoine
Montreal, Quebec   H2Y 3R7

Dear Sirs:
     The two negative articles in the Gazette, July 30, 1993,
attributed to Susan Sachs of Newsday and Clyde Haberman of the
New York Times concerning John Demjanjuk are shocking in their
insensitivity to a man who has spent over seven years in solitary
confinement for crimes he didn't commit. Since his acquittal by
the Israeli Supreme Court, professional hate mongers have
unleashed a barrage of disinformation and slander against Mr.
     Let me assure your readers, that there is absolutely no
credible evidence that Mr. Demjanjuk is guilty of any war crimes
whatsoever. Neither did he "cover up his Nazi past".
     Mr. Demjanjuk has consistently explained that in his
immigration papers to the U.S., he gave his place of birth as
Poland rather than Ukraine to avoid forced repatriation to the
former Soviet Union. For the war years, his consistent alibi has
been that following capture by the Germans in Crimea, May, 1942,
he was a POW, first at Rovno, Ukraine, then at Chelm, Poland in
1942-43 and finally he was transferred to Germany with the
advance of the Red Army.
     Comparison of the so-called Trawniki ID card with three
other similar cards supplied to the Israeli authorities
prosecuting Mr. Demjanjuk in 1987-88 demonstrates conclusively
that it is a fake.
     It is time that Mr. Demjanjuk be allowed to return home to
his family in Cleveland, Ohio.

Yours truly

William Zuzak
Charitable Committee in Aid of John Demjanjuk's Family
Montreal Branch
Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.005 = 1993-07-30 Demjanjuk article; 1993-09-20