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Perfidy Introduction

The Perfidy link under Issues in the right-hand-column of WiZeus has been created specifically to archive "politically incorrect" articles that challenge accepted views of events and individuals. These "politically correct" views of historical events are carefully created and nurtured by governments, organizations and the ruling elite to create a positive image of a country, organization or individuals.

We always try to portray ourselves as the "good guys" and our enemies as the "bad guys". We then justify our evil deeds by claiming that the evil deeds of our enemies are worse. For the past 100 years, Germans have been pilloried as the "bad guys" responsible for two world wars; whereas we (the British, Canadians and Americans) were/are always the "good guys", whose conduct was/is always impeccable. I have long ago realized that the "politically correct" history of these wars has been distorted.

The first article in this directory by Ian Cobain titled "How Britain tortured WWII Prisoners" illustrates the perfidy of the British. The Nürnberg War Crimes Trials of 1946, where the Victors wreaked Vengeance on the Vanquished is another example of perfidy. The Red Cross has recorded that the testicles of 95% of the German prisoners that they examined were inoperable. Obviously, any "confessions" were extracted under extreme torture. And yet, the "official" view is that the Nürnberg War Crimes Trials were exemplary in their conduct.

There is little doubt that both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill encouraged and were fully aware of the impending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 07, 1941. And yet, when this date arrives, you will hear the American news media screaming about the perfidy of the Japanese. Despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans now know the truth, the official media will continue to promote the mythology of the "surprise" attack. There is little doubt that the perfidy of Roosevelt and Churchill has earned their souls the right to burn in hell alongside Hitler and Stalin.

Will Zuzak; 2012.11.22

"Stalin's Secret Agents" by Stanton Evans and Herbert Romerstein documents the deep penetration of  Soviet "agents of influence" and "espionage agents" into the Roosevelt administration during WW2. Roosevelt allowed these Soviet agents to direct U.S. policy to the benefit of the Soviet Union and to the detriment of the United States. This conclusion is confirmed in "My Dear Mr. Stalin" by Susan Butler, which lists the correspondence between Roosevelt/Churchill and Stalin. We must thank Stanton Evans and Herbert Rommerstein, as well as Susan Butler, for exposing the perfidy of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin to be equal to that of Hitler.
Will Zuzak; 2013.06.21