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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., Apr. 02, 2008

 (1) Holodomor:  There have been no new additions to the Holodomor Files. However, the details of the “International Remembrance Flame” travelling around the world and its sojourn in Canada are being worked out. As of today, the proposed Canadian itinerary is:

April 18, 2008 (Fri.)  Arrival of the flame in Toronto. (Ceremonial acceptance of the flame in Canada prior to the opening  of the Holodomor exhibit in Toronto's City Hall.)
April 20 (Sun.) Winnipeg, MB
Easter break
April 28 (Mon.) Yorkton, SK
April 29 (Tue.) Regina - Saskatoon, SK
April 30 (Wed.) North Battleford, SK
April 30, May 1-2 (Wed.-Fri.) Vegreville - Edmonton - Red Deer - Calgary, AB
May 3 (Sat.) Vancouver, BC
May 4 (Mon.) Flame travels to Seattle, WA
May 22 (Thu.) Flame returns to Canada (Niagara - St. Catharines, ON)
May 23 (Fri.) Toronto, ON
May 24 (Sat.) Hamilton, ON
May 24 (Sat.) Montreal, QC
May 26 (Mon.) Ottawa, ON
May 27 (Tue.) Flame returns to United States

The details for the Alberta events are still not finalized, since the official opening of the Mazankowski Heart Institute on May 01, 2008, requiring the presence of Alberta’s politicians, conflicts with an Edmonton Holodomor event on that day.

For background information, please visit

(2) CHRC:  The Warman v. Lemire case before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on Tuesday 25Mar2008 was live blogged by Kady O’Malley on behalf of Macleans magazine at
That portion of the blog appears to have been condensed as a Macleans article at
titled “Liveblogging Warman v. Lemire at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal”

Two articles by Jonathan Kay appeared in the National Post titled “How to turn a neo-Nazi into a free-speech martyr” on 25Mar2008 and “A disaster for Canada's Human Rights Commission” on 28Mar2008. We have archived a 30Mar2008 critical response by Wallace Klinck to these articles at

(3) Monument to the Victims of Communism in Ottawa:
The organizers of this petition directed to the Parliament of Canada request that a permanent monument to the victims of Communism be erected in Ottawa. You may read this petition and (if you support it) sign it at

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2008-04-02