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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., Jan. 02, 2008

(1) Holodomor:  An article “denying” the Holodomor as genocide by Daniel Stone in the 02Dec2007 issue of the Winnipeg Free Press was critically refuted by Roman Serbyn in the 09Dec2007 issue, as well as by a short response by Iryna Mycak of the UCC Holodomor Committee in the 04Dec2007 issue of the paper. These articles are archived on my website at

(2) Income Trusts:  I have continued archiving material relevant to the ongoing Income Trust controversy on my website at
These include 3 older articles by Yves Fortin, a Green Party call for a public inquiry on 07Dec2007 and especially an 8-page analysis by Louis Mix titled “Energy Trusts in Alberta” on 14Dec2007.

In my latest submission on 01Jan2008 titled “Road to Serfdom”, I conclude with the following admonition:

“I would urge all Canadians to examine the implications of destroying income/energy trusts very carefully. The future of your children depends on it. Will they be serfs or will they control their own destiny?”

I further utilize Ukrainian history as an example of the dangers of allowing foreign control of the economy:

********* excerpt from zuzak20080101Serfdom.html ***********
As a person of Ukrainian origin, allow me to utilize the history of the Ukrainian nation as an example of what happens when you allow a foreign nation to control your economy. Around the middle of the seventeenth century, Ukraine was a hetmanate state with its Cossack army fighting for survival against Poles/Lithuania to the west, the Tatars/Turks to the south, the Asiatic hordes to the east and the Muscovites to the north. Despite the difficult politics of the day, Ukrainians were reasonably well off, had a high literacy rate and its leaders were well received in various European capitals.

Unfortunately, in 1648 Ukraine entered a military alliance with Moscow, which has haunted Ukraine to the present day. It was soon dominated by Tsarist Moscow, its Cossack army was exiled to the Kuban region and serfdom was established. In 1711, with Swedish help, Hetman Mazepa attempted to revolt against the Tsarist regime, but was defeated. With the closure of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy and transfer of its professors to Moscow, educational conditions continued to deteriorate resulting in a drastic decrease in the number of schools serving the population. [746 population/school (in 1768), 6750 (in 1775), 17143 (in 1860) until in 1902 more than 83% of Ukrainian children did not go to school.]

The horrors of the twentieth century included Ukrainians fighting for their enemies in opposing armies during WWI, failure to establish and maintain independence, Bolshevik collectivization, Siberian exile by the millions, the Holodomor (famine-genocide of 1932/33), the Great Terror of 1937/38, destruction by both Hitler and Stalin during WWII, UPA struggle for independence until 1956, and arrest/exile of dissidents until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The advent of independence in 1991 did not result in the expected economic benefits. This was largely due to the looting of the country by the criminal Oligarchs in Ukraine and the Russian Federation with the help of "Western experts" such as Mark Carney -- our future Bank of Canada governor. Even today many of the deputies (Members of Parliament) to the Verkhovna Rada proclaim their primary loyalty to Moscow rather than Ukraine.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2008-01-02