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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., Apr. 04, 2007 

(1) Holodomor: A second special 20-item compilation by Morgan Williams of the Action Ukraine Report dated 11Mar2007 has been archived on my Holodomor page at

(2) Denaturalization and Deportation: An eye-witness report by Marco Levytsky on the Jan. 30, 2007 news conference held by Bernie Farber of the CJC calling for the deportation of 6 Ukrainians is included in the Feb. 07-20, 2007 issue of the Ukrainian News and is now archived at

(3) Errors of Omission: An article submitted under this title to Nasha Doroha (Quarterly publication of the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada) has been archived under Will Zuzak Letters at

I have noted that the news media, politicians and public figures are reluctant to refer to human rights abuses perpetrated against Ukrainians. In Canada, the two most obvious issues are the WWI Internment over 90 years ago and the d&d process fraudulently equating immigration infractions with war crimes since 1995.

In Ukraine, the two main issues are the Holodomor of 1932-33 as genocide and Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) from 1942 through the 1950s. Few people around the world realize that Ukraine suffered complete devastation and about nine million dead, imprisoned or exiled during and after WWII. In particular, the heroic and tragic story of the UPA in Western Ukraine is comparable to the Holodomor in Eastern Ukraine. Both traumatized Ukrainians for generations and unto the present day. 

So how are we to prevent “errors of omission” in the future? Simply become informed about these issues and, when someone on radio, TV or live fails to make an appropriate reference to the Ukrainian tragedy, bring it to their attention if at all possible. Many of these people will appreciate our interruption or intercession. Record the incident for posterity. Each of us can do our little bit.

(4) Brian Mulroney Banquet: KYK is planning to honour Mr. Mulroney at a banquet in Ottawa on April 18, 2007 for the development of friendly Canada-Ukraine relations. For tickets at $150.00 each, phone UCC at 204-942-4627. 

Hopefully, they will have an opportunity to ask Mr. Mulroney the circumstances of the establishment of the Deschenes Commission witch hunt in 1985. Perhaps he could be asked to respond to my critique on the Deschenes Commission archived at

Also, perhaps he could explain what went wrong with his generous offer in about 1988 of an apology and financial restitution to the Ukrainian community for the 1914-1920 internment of some 6000 Ukrainians during World War I. After the election, Multicultural Minister Jerry Weiner (and later Sheila Finestone, for the Liberals) claimed that there was no money. This hypocritical farce has been dragging on to the present day. 

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2007-04-04