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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., Mar. 07, 2007

(1) Holodomor: The Action Ukraine Report continues to highlight the work of James Mace on the Holodomor. Articles by Oleksandr Kramarenko (AUR818), Viktor Kostiuk (AUR820) and a special 9-article compilation by Morgan Williams have been archived on my Holodomor page at

At the bottom of this page I have created a link to the truly delightful and remarkable website in honour of Gareth Jones
I have also archived five articles presented at the James Mace Memorial Panel held in Donetsk, Ukraine on 29 June 2005,
These articles indicate that the academic, political and news media elite in 1933 were fully aware of the Holodomor, but chose to deny its existence and to suppress this information reaching the general public. 

An action item in the March 05, 2007 issue of e-Poshta asks readers to visit a website dedicated to encouraging Britain to recognize the Holodomor as genocide,

 (2) Internment of Ukrainian-Canadians during WWI: Despite recent sniping within the Ukrainian community and between Liberal and Conservative politicians, the issue appears to be deliberately suppressed from the general public. 

- On 22Feb2007 during a House of Commons discussion on Citizenship and Immigration, two MPs (Brian Fitzpatrick and Jason Kenney) talked at some length as to incidents of discrimination against immigrants in Canada -- the ship with Jewish refugees before WWII being denied landing rights, Japanese Internment, the Chinese head tax, FLQ crisis, etc., but failed to refer to Ukrainian WWI Internment. (A couple of days earlier, Joe Comartin was guilty of a similar omission.)

- On 28Feb2007 (about 7:15 a.m.) CBC Radio 740 in Edmonton had Ron Wilson interviewing criminal lawyer, Bob Aloneissi, about security certificates. He referred to Internment of Japanese during WWII and the Chinese head tax, but did not refer to Internment of Ukrainians during WWI as examples of discrimination. 

- On 04Mar2007 (2:00 - 4:00 p.m. MST), CBC Radio Cross Country Checkup had a discussion on security certificates, sunsetting 2 clauses, etc. At least 2 people referred to War Measures Act applied in 1970 FLQ crisis in Quebec and internment of Japanese during WWII. No one mentioned that the War Measures Act was initially used to intern over 5000 Ukrainians in 26 concentration camps scattered across Canada from 1914 to 1920.

I would encourage individuals in the Ukrainian community to be particularly sensitive to such “errors of omission” by public figures and to protest directly to the people involved.

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak,  2007-03-07