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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., May 03, 2006

Since I was away in Ukraine acting as an International Observer for the 26Mar2006 parliamentary elections and then visiting relatives in the Kolomyia region of the Carpathian Mountains for three weeks in April, a GRC Report for April 2006 was not issued. I expect to write and distribute reports on the elections and other issues in Ukraine separately.

(1) Citizenship Revocation: In a letter dated 14Mar2006, Andrew Telegdi urges the new Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Monte Solberg, to table legislation to correct the flaws in the current citizenship revocation process as recommended in the 10th Report of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration dated 07Jun2005. 

In a follow-up letter to individuals and organizations dated 27Mar2006, Mr. Telegdi urges Canadians to write Mr. Solberg, with copies to Meili Faille, Bill Siksay and himself, on this issue. He has also attached a petition calling for the implementation of the recommendations in the Report. He asks people to get as many signatures as possible and to send these signed petitions to him. These three articles, as well as other information, are archived as CIMM Information on my website at

Two articles in the April 05 and 19, 2006 issues of the Ukrainian News titled “Telegdi calls upon Solberg to enact citizenship recommendations” and “New Citizenship Act should be “no-brainer” for new government” expand on this issue. These are archived at

(2) UKAR: On 15 March 2006, Dr. Lubomyr Prytulak removed his Ukrainian Archive website from the Internet. Dr. Prytulak explains that he has negotiated a non-aggression pact with the Canadian Jewish Congress, whereby they withdraw their complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission and he removes objected-to material from the Internet. As the objected-to material constitutes only a small proportion of UKAR, he is free under the agreement to leave most of UKAR up, but decided to remove the entire site so as to leave himself unencumbered and undistracted to pursue other interests. The agreement leaves him free to put all of UKAR back on the Internet in case he comes under attack for his views.

As I have indicated previously, I have a very high regard for Lubomyr Prytulak and am very sorry that UKAR is no longer available on the Internet, since it provided a wealth of information countering defamation of Ukrainians and Ukraine. It is a huge loss to the Ukrainian community.

It is understandable that Dr. Prytulak would get tired -- tired of the never-ending litigation and tired of working for Ukrainians with no recognition, no moral support, no financial support. He deserves a good rest -- and our thanks.

(3) Josef Furman and Jura Skomatchuk cases: Despite the illegitimacy of the citizenship revocation process outlined in item (1) above, the Department of Justice and the Federal Court of Canada under the direction of Chief Justice Allan Lutfy are proceeding full speed ahead on these d&d cases.

- On Mar. 22, 2006, the Plaintiff delivered to the Court (in Ottawa?) 7 boxes of documents to be used in the June 05, 2006 trial.

- On April 24, 2006, upon hearing the parties by teleconference on April 21, 2006, Justice Judith A. Snider ordered that:
1. An agreed Statement of Facts in respect of Court File T-560-04 (Defendant Furman) is to be filed with the Court no later than Friday, May 05, 2006.
2. A Joint Book of Authorities is to be filed prior to the commencement of the hearing of this matter on Monday, June 05, 2006.
3. Expert Reports are to be filed in hard copy and in electronic format, with the Court on or before Friday, April 28, 2006.
4. With respect to the admissibility of the “transfer lists”, the following procedure is to be followed:
(a) The Plaintiff is to serve and file his motion record on or before Thursday, May 18, 2006, with one joint record to be filed in respect of the two Court files;
(b) The Defendants are to serve and file their joint responding record on or before Thursday, May 25, 2006;
(c) Mr. Tuchel, the witness for the Plaintiff in respect of the admissibility of the transfer lists is to appear before this Court on Monday, June 05, 2006 in St. Catharines, Ontario;
(d) Oral submissions of the parties will be heard immediately following the completion of the testimony and cross-examination of Mr. Tuchel.

5. The normal hours of sitting for the duration of this matter will be 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday, subject to the following exceptions:
(a) On Monday, June 05, 2006, the hearing will commence at 9:30 a.m.;
(b) The testimony of Mr. Owens will be heard in Ottawa, Ontario on a date to be determined.

6. On or before May 18, 2006, the Plaintiff is to file with the Court, in chart form, a list of witnesses together with, for each:
(a) a brief summary of the purpose of the testimony;
(b) an estimate of the time required for examination in chief;
(c) an estimate of the time required for cross-examination.

- On April 26, 2006, Expert Reports were filed for the Defendant in Toronto for both cases.
- On April 28, 2006, Expert Reports were filed for the Plaintiff in Ottawa, Toronto and Edmonton. The Expert Report of Dr. Johannes Tuchel dated Nov. 15, 2005 and filed in Edmonton (87 pages + Appendices) consists of 5 pages of allegations against a Josef Furmanchuk followed by Historical Background

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak, 2006-05-03